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Whitehead, Dr Alan

                   Chamber Debates

    Climate Change Bill (HL), 2R (09.06.2008) 57-9

Whittingdale, Mr John


    Social security benefits, Overpayments 1058w

Wicks, Malcolm, Minister of State, Dept of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

                   Written Statements

    EU Competitiveness Council 1ws


    Coal fired power stations, Kingsnorth 1108-9w

    Construction, Government assistance 413w

    Defence Export Services Organisation, Finance 639w

    Digital broadcasting, Sight impaired 639-40w

    Energy, Scotland 827w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 326w, 415w

    International Atomic Energy Agency 668w

    Low carbon buildings programme, Schools 455-6w

    Microgeneration 829w

    Nuclear power stations 829w

    Nuclear power stations, Floods 1109w

    Oil, Cardigan Bay 641w

    Renewable energy 330w

    Renewable energy, Business 1111w

    Renewable energy, International cooperation 641-2w

    Sustainable development, Business 637-8w

    Tidal power, River Humber 418-9w

    World War II, Medals 830w

Wiggin, Mr Bill

                   Westminster Hall Debates


    Japan, Foreign relations 424-5w

    Pharmacy, General practitioners 766-7w


Willetts, Mr David


    Apprentices, Dept for Work and Pensions 616w

    Apprentices, Home Office 332w

    Higher education, Admissions 507w

Williams, Hywel

                   Chamber Debates

    Climate Change Bill (HL), 2R (09.06.2008) 107-9


    British Council, Teachers 300w

    Capital gains tax, Wales 612w

Williams, Mark

                   Chamber Debates

    Children and Young Persons Bill (HL), 2R (16.06.2008) 727, 741, 743


    Oil, Cardigan Bay 641w

Williams, Mr Roger

                   Westminster Hall Debates


    Education maintenance allowance 1146w

    Further education, Admissions 373w

Williams, Stephen


    Adult learning grant 503w

    Employment, Hearing impaired 618w

    Further education, Degrees 202-3w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills 504w

    Rented housing, Bristol 709w

    Rented housing, Private sector 708w

    Students, Grants 819w

    Train to gain programme 513-5w

Williams Review

Willis, Mr Phil


    Leave, Ministry of Defence 1207w

Willott, Jenny

                   Chamber Debates

    DNA Database (Removal of Samples) Bill, 1R (11.06.2008) 309-11


    Genetics, Databases 603w

Wills, Mr Michael, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice

                   Westminster Hall Debates

    British constitution (18.06.2008) 256-63wh


    Accountancy, Ministry of Justice 1119-20w

    Aviation, Ministry of Justice 883-4w

    Economic and monetary union, Ministry of Justice 885w

    Equality, Ministry of Justice 889-90w

    Freedom of information, Conferences 484w

    Furniture, Ministry of Justice 1120w

    Information Commissioner, Standards 98-9w

    Judges, Freedom of information 160

    Morning Star, Ministry of Justice 891w

    Olympic Games, Ministry of Justice 1209w

    Pilot schemes, Ministry of Justice 1120w

    Postal services, Ministry of Justice 884w

    Public participation, Ministry of Justice 884w

    Security, Ministry of Justice 884-6w

    Television, Ministry of Justice 1120-1w

    Training, Ministry of Justice 607w, 644w

    Welsh language, Ministry of Justice 902-6w

Wilson, Mr Phil

                   Chamber Debates

    Counter-Terrorism Bill, Rep and 3R (11.06.2008) 396


    Cluster munitions 669

    Terrorism, Detainees 16

Wilson, Robert

                   Chamber Debates

    Manchester City Council Bill (HL), 2R adjourned (12.06.2008) 527-8, 535, 542


    Antisocial behaviour 11-2

    Offensive weapons, Sentencing 220w

Wilson, Sammy

                   Chamber Debates

    Counter-Terrorism Bill, Rep and 3R (11.06.2008) 322


    Offensive weapons, Northern Ireland 1114-6w

    Zimbabwe, Sanctions 439w

    Zimbabwe, Travel restrictions 306w


Wind power

    Industrial accidents 735w

Windfall tax


    Ministry of Defence 560w

Winnick, David

                   Chamber Debates


    Business questions 461

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 943

Winter fuel payments

Winterton, Ann

                   Westminster Hall Debates


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 665

    Lorries, Licensing 792w

    New Zealand, Immigration 68w

    Treaty of Lisbon, Referendums 945

Winterton, Sir Nicholas

                   Chamber Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (16.06.2008) 690

    Oral question time intervention (12.06.2008) 450

    Transport, Greater Manchester (09.06.2008) 28


    Armed forces, Manpower 667

    Churches, Conservation 1063

    Drugs Act 2005 10

    General practitioners, Working hours 794-5

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 297

Winterton, Rt Hon Rosie, Minister of State and Minister for Yorkshire and the Humber, Dept for Transport

                   Chamber Debates

    Parking offences (19.06.2008) 1187-90

                   Written Statements

    Dartford-Thurrock Crossing, Tolls 28ws

    EU Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council 19-20ws, 64-6ws

    Parking offences 27ws


    Bus services, Finance 934w

    Bus services, Greater Manchester 934w

    Bus services, Train operating companies 932-3w

    Bus services, Whitehall 935-6w

    Cycling, Bournemouth 398w

    Equality, Dept for Transport 655w

    Olympic Games, Dept for Transport 941w

    Parking offences 263w

    Parking offences, Closed circuit television 263w

    Public participation, Dept for Transport 539-40w

    Public transport, Disabled 545w

    Public transport, Greater Manchester 941-2w

    Public transport, Lancashire 942w

    Public transport, Per capita costs 942-3w

    Railways, Fares 264w

    Road traffic, Canvey Island 406w

    Taxis, Complaints 168w

    Transport, Exhaust emissions 409w

    Transport, Greater Manchester 1200w


Wishart, Pete

                   Chamber Debates


    North Sea oil 308


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