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    Government departments 722w


Hague, Rt Hon William

                  Chamber Debates

    Zimbabwe, Elections (23.06.2008) 44-5


    Afghanistan, Internally displaced persons 1131w

    Africa, Dept for International Development 1718-9w

    Africa, Diplomatic service 370w

    Buildings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1656w

    Common agricultural policy 75w

    Departmental coordination, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1333w

    Diplomatic service, Foreign workers 1659w

    EC common foreign and security policy 75w

    International Atomic Energy Agency 75-6w

    International Criminal Court 1337w

    Iran, Export credit guarantees 676w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 77w

    Kosovo, Politics and government 77-8w

    Languages, Dept for International Development 762w, 1136w

    Languages, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1659-60w

    Lebanon, Foreign relations 78-9w

    Lebanon, Politics and government 1540w

    Manpower, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1333w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 1339w

    Mujahedin-e Khalq 677w

    North Korea, Nuclear weapons 79w

    Palestinians, Overseas students 1339-40w

    Palestinians, Police 1340w

    Personal savings, Protection 1401-2

    Public expenditure, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 75w, 1657-8w

    Somalia, Human rights 677w

    Sub-Saharan Africa, Armed conflict 1722w

    Sudan, Arms trade 80w

    Sudan, Peace negotiations 677w

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 80w, 678w

    Terrorism, British nationality 1343w

    Terrorism, International cooperation 678-9w

    Terrorism, Victim support schemes 1542-3w

    Tibet, Press freedom 679w

    Zimbabwe, Diplomatic service 679-80w

    Zimbabwe, Human rights 680w

    Zimbabwe, Political prisoners 1007-8w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 1345w

Hain, Rt Hon Peter

Hain, Rt Hon Peter

                  Chamber Debates

    Group of Eight (10.07.2008) 1557-8

Hall, Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Allowances (03.07.2008) 1118


Haltemprice and Howden

Hamilton, David

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (23.06.2008) 37


    Police, Pensions 98w

    United Nations, Peacekeeping operations 286w

Hamilton, Mr Fabian


    Political parties, Finance 743w

Hammond, Mr Philip

                  Chamber Debates


    Child benefit, EC nationals 1477w

    Child tax credit, EC nationals 1015w

    Eurostar, Dept of Health 866w

    Marketing, Dept for Communities and Local Government 260w

    Marketing, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 33w

    Marketing, Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills 990w

    Marketing, Dept for International Development 1832w

    Marketing, Dept for Transport 1w

    Marketing, Dept for Work and Pensions 692w

    Marketing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1539w

    Marketing, Ministry of Defence 452w

    Marketing, Ministry of Justice 952w

    Marketing, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 13w

    Marketing, Scotland Office 299w

    Pay, Dept for Work and Pensions 323-4w

    Revenue and Customs, Data protection 387w

    Revenue and Customs, Visits abroad 1263w

    Welfare tax credits, Overpayments 1786w

Hammond, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Allowances (03.07.2008) 1099

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Transport, Greater Manchester (01.07.2008) 205-9wh


    Network Rail, Pay 174w

    Olympic Games 2012, Railways 923-4w

    Railways, Standards 925w

    Transport, Greater London 1027w


    Petitions (01.07.2008) 836

Hancock, Mr Mike


    Aircraft carriers, Nuclear powered vessels 306w

    Animal experiments, Primates 1766w

    Armed forces, Uniforms 307w

    Defence, Finance 43w

    EH101 helicopters 309w

    Epilepsy, Health services 1283w

    Equality, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 773-4w

    Equality, Dept for Work and Pensions 1229-30w

    Equality, Northern Ireland Office 442w

    Housing, Low incomes 263w

    Lynx helicopters 309w

    Midwives, Training 485w

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 264w

    Nuclear submarines, Accidents 1177w

    Nuclear submarines, Safety 755-6w

    Nuclear weapons, USA 1154w

    Poverty, Hampshire 189w

    Railways 1w

    Strokes, Rehabilitation 530w

    Supermarkets, Competition 1329w

Hands, Greg


    Goldman Sachs, Treasury 467w

    Non-domestic rates, Greater London 351-2w

Hanson, Rt Hon David, Minister of State, Ministry of Justice

                  Written Statements

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 86-8ws


    Bail accommodation and support service, Peterborough 468-9w

    Driving offences, Sentencing 956w

    National Offender Management Service, Accountancy 244w

    National Offender Management Service, Billing 244w

    Prison sentences 478w

    Prisoners, British nationality 62w

    Prisoners, Per capita costs 961w

    Prisons, Construction 1313w

    Probation, Rhyl 686w

    Secure training centres, Restraint techniques 62w

    Television, Licensing 1098w

    Young offenders, Alternatives to prison 51w


Harman, Rt Hon Harriet, Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal, Secretary of State for Equality and Minister for Women

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Allowances (03.07.2008) 1103-5


    Air pollution, Greater London 1407

    Capital gains tax, Second homes 1406

    Crimes of violence, Greater London 1403-4

    Fathers4Justice 1408

    Government Communications, Leader of the House of Commons 1069w

    Group of Eight, China 1405

    Heathrow Airport 1401

    Hospitals, Infectious diseases 1402-3

    In vitro fertilisation 1407

    Income tax, Tax rates and bands 1408-9

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 1401

    Labour Party, Party leaders 1407

    Offenders, Rehabilitation 1405-6

    Official engagements, Prime Minister 1400

    Pay, Leader of the House of Commons 1068-9w

    Personal savings, Protection 1401-2

    Post office card account 1404

    Post offices, Edinburgh 1408

    Press, Leader of the House of Commons 1069w

    Students, Grants 1406

Harper, Mark

                  Chamber Debates

    Finance Bill, Rep and 3R (02.07.2008) 923

    Kemble-Swindon railway line (30.06.2008) 704


    Bus services, Concessions 1264

    Child Poverty Unit 185w

    Commission for Rural Communities 1078w

    Commission for Rural Communities, Finance 768w

    Commission for Rural Communities, Manpower 768-9w

    Disabled, Community care 1137

    Disabled, Income support 822w

    EU Education, Youth and Culture Council 1206w

    Government Communications Headquarters, Photography 287-8w

    Jobcentre Plus, Training 1231w

    Marketing, Dept for Work and Pensions 1029w

    Northern Ireland Executive, Finance 385w

    Office of Government Commerce, Contracts 708w

    Out of area treatment, Wales 897-8w

    Paper, Dept for Work and Pensions 323w

    Paralympic Games 2012 12w

    Pathways to work, Finance 1552w

    River Severn, Tidal power 815-6w

    Road traffic offences, Cameras 748w

    Social security benefits 7-8w

    Social security benefits, Overpayments 189-90w

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 1225-9w

    Visits abroad, Dept for Work and Pensions 819w

Harris, Dr Evan

                  Chamber Debates

    Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill, Allocation of time motion, 2R and rem stages (08.07.2008) 1360, 1362-3, 1366-8

Harris, Mr Tom, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Transport

                  Chamber Debates

    Kemble-Swindon railway line (30.06.2008) 707-12

    Public transport (07.07.2008) 1187

                  Written Statements


    A11, East of England 1279

    Chester Station, Parking 1180w

    Gloucester-Swindon railway line 1756w

    Highways Agency, Appeals 575w

    Liverpool Street-Chelmsford railway line 174w

    M25, Walton on the Hill 1276-7

    M60, Road signs and markings 1583w

    Motorway service areas, Cash dispensing 576-7w

    Motorway service areas, Catering 577w

    Motorways, Repairs and maintenance 429w, 1024w

    Network Rail, Pay 174w

    Peterborough Station 1583w

    Public transport, Crime 927w

    Railway stations, Security 1191w

    Railways, Concessions 581w

    Railways, Fares 430w

    Railways, Lancashire 4w

    Railways, Northampton 1447w

    Railways, Overcrowding 1449w

    Railways, South Yorkshire 1449w

    Railways, Voluntary work 4w

    Rolling stock, Competition 1194w

    Rolling stock, Leeds 303w

    Rolling stock, Procurement 1026w

    Thameslink railway line 1758w

    Thameslink railway line, Rolling stock 583w

    Warrington Bank Quay Station 1276

    West coast railway line, Rolling stock 432w

Harvey, Nick

                  Chamber Debates

    Members, Allowances (03.07.2008) 1095-103


    Armed forces, Health services 1600-1w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 673w

    House of Commons, Buildings 547w

    House of Commons, Data protection 742w

    House of Commons, Databases 1198w

    House of Commons, Holiday leave 1452-3w

    House of Commons, Manpower 889w

    House of Commons, Morning Star 889w

    Members, Allowances 547w

    Parliament, Security 1453w

    Public statues, Conservation 1019w


    General practitioners 656w

Hawk aircraft

Hayes, Mr John

                  Chamber Debates

    Community development, Lincolnshire (25.06.2008) 466-71

    Revenue and Customs, Petitions (09.07.2008) 1513

    Sale of Student Loans Bill, Lords amendts (23.06.2008) 57, 62-72, 74, 76, 78-9

    Science, Finance (07.07.2008) 1221


    Chad, Peacekeeping operations 1824w

    EC countries, Bank services 740w

    EC enlargement, Immigration 720w

    EC external relations, Guinea-Bissau 1336w

    EC grants and loans, Health education 868w

    European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training 1380w

    European Chemicals Agency 557w

    Higher education, Admissions 649-50w

    Higher education, Student wastage 993-6w

    Identity cards, Foreigners 1770w

    Origin marking, Isle of Man 1141-2w

    Personal injury, Dept for International Development 1838w

    Personal injury, Ministry of Defence 1178w

    Personal records, EC action 727w

    Post Office, Government assistance 465w

    Service industries, Research 1489w

    Sick leave, Dept for International Development 1832w

    Sick leave, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1826w

    Sick leave, Ministry of Justice 1609-10w

    Sick leave, Scotland Office 1301w

    Sick leave, Treasury 1479w

    Training, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1587w

    Vocational training, Finance 1387-8w

Hazardous substances

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