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Sri Lanka


    Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1329w

    General practitioners 1286w

Standard of living


    Central Science Laboratory 768w

    Dept for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1322-3w

    Financial Services Authority 1017

    Housing associations 1358w

    Marine and Fisheries Agency 56-7ws

    Office of Government Commerce 1017-8w

    Ordnance Survey 65ws

    Rural Payments Agency 778w

    University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 872-4w, 945w

Stanley, Rt Hon Sir John

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (23.06.2008) 33

Starkey, Dr Phyllis

                  Chamber Debates

    Equality (26.06.2008) 511


    Middle East, Armed conflict 1338-9w

    Personal care services, Safety 121-2w

State retirement pensions

State visits

    Heathrow Airport 921w


    UK Border Agency 101w

Statute Law (Repeals) Bill (HL) 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

    2R* and 3R* (09.07.2008) 1512

Steen, Mr Anthony

                  Chamber Debates

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control (07.07.2008) 1164

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Borders, Personal records 1431w

    Cannabis, Prosecutions 1019w

    Entry clearances, Russia 721w

    Home energy efficiency scheme 167-8w

    Human trafficking, Bulgaria 140-1w

    Prisoners' transfers 1621w

Stem cells

Stewart, Ian

                  Chamber Debates

Stoate, Dr Howard

                  Chamber Debates

    Nurses, Petitions (25.06.2008) 464-5


    Local government, Manpower 1360w

    Missing persons 90w

Stoke on Trent

Stop and search


Strang, Rt Hon Dr Gavin

                  Chamber Debates

    Bovine tuberculosis, Disease control (07.07.2008) 1158

    Science, Finance (07.07.2008) 1237


    Minimum wage, Scotland 1397

    Post offices, Closures 1008

Strategy Unit

Straw, Rt Hon Jack, Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor

                  Chamber Debates

                  Written Statements

    "Judicial Appointments Commission Report and Accounts 2007-08" 86ws

    "Sentencing Guidelines Council and Sentencing Advisory Panel Report 2007-08" 25ws

    Supreme Court, Costs 59ws


    Departmental responsibilities, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1525-6w

    Inquiries, Ministry of Justice 1303-5w

    Magistrates, Resignations 959w

    Magistrates, Wales 960w

    Offensive weapons, Young people 1619-20w

    Parking offences, Fines 960-2w

    Pay, Ministry of Justice 1305w

    Prisoners, Personal property 1527-8w

    Prisoners' release, Domestic violence 1306w

    Prisoners' release, Reoffenders 61-2w

    Prisons, Video games 686w

    Written questions, Ministry of Justice 1306w

Streeter, Mr Gary

                  Chamber Debates

    Community development (09.07.2008) 1422


    Children's Commissioner for England 275w

    Community relations, Religion 722

Stringer, Mr Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Public transport (07.07.2008) 1210

    Science, Finance (07.07.2008) 1233-7

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Transport, Greater Manchester (01.07.2008) 195-8wh




    Social security benefits 190-1w

Stuart, Ms Gisela

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (23.06.2008) 35-6


    Economic and monetary union 1256-7w

    Languages, Higher education 483-4

    Written questions, Government responses 1268w

Stuart, Graham

                  Chamber Debates

    Business questions (10.07.2008) 1575-6

    Flooding Lessons Learned Review, Points of order (25.06.2008) 385

    NHS, Anniversaries (24.06.2008) 217

    Planning Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (25.06.2008) 337

Student Loans Company

    Disclosure of information 249w

Student numbers

Student wastage


Stunell, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning Bill, Programme motion, Rep and 3R (25.06.2008) 406-8


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