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Crabb, Stephen

                  Chamber Debates

    Unemployment (07.10.2008) 224-7


    Middle East, Peace negotiations 123

    Revenue and Customs, Buildings 597w

    Unemployment, Young people 903

Crausby, Mr David

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Finance (13.10.2008) 550


    Afghanistan, Drugs 124

    British Fluoridation Society, Finance 388w

    Bus services, Concessions 195w

    Dental services, Fees and charges 1440-1w

    Dental services, Greater Manchester 1441w

    Driving offences, Mobile phones 574w

    Fluoride, Drinking water 411w

    Hospital wards, Gender 1163w

    Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus 446w

    National Lottery, Bolton 1380w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 658

    Welfare tax credits 382w

    Welfare tax credits, Bolton 382-3w

Creagh, Mary


    Young people, Unemployment 903-4

Creative Partnerships

Creativity and Business International Network

Credit cards

Credit unions


    Fees and charges 720w

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

    see CJD


    Northamptonshire (07.10.2008) 50-7wh

Crime prevention

    Information and communications technology 1064w

Crimes against humanity

Crimes of violence

    Petitions (07.10.2008) 248

Criminal Assets Recovery Agency

    see Assets Recovery Agency

Criminal proceedings

Criminal records

Criminal Records Bureau



Crossrail line

Crown dependencies

Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

    2R order read (17.10.2008) 1105

Cryer, Mrs Ann

                  Chamber Debates

    Human rights (13.10.2008) 562


    Islam, Legal systems 660

    Personal social and health education 520


Cultural heritage

    British overseas territories 960-1w

    Charitable donations 1188w

Cultural leadership programme

Cultural relations


    Elderly 17

Culture Online


Cunningham, Mr Jim

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Finance (13.10.2008) 549


    Antisocial behaviour 1057w

    Apprentices, Bureaucracy 525w

    Apprentices, Small businesses 526w

    Business, Government assistance 839w

    Business, West Midlands 278-9w

    Children, Advertising 671w

    Children, Nutrition 475w

    Coventry Airport 196w

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept for Innovation Universities and Skills 912-3

    Developing countries, Climate change 1179w

    Disabled, Aviation 194w

Disabled, Housing 331-2w

Disabled, Public Transport 889w

    Employment, Discrimination 798w

    Fire extinguishers 315w

    Fire prevention 316w

    Fire services, Equipment 317w

    Fire services, Training 318w

    Georgia, Overseas residence 758w

    Higher education, Community relations 779-80w

    Higher education, Disabled 782w

    Higher education, Standards 781w

    Higher education, Student wastage 782w

    Higher education, West Midlands 913

    Historic buildings, Conservation 43-4w

    Iraq, Education 986w

    Kosovo, Politics and government 1408-9w

    Local government, Public participation 643-4w, 707w

    Manufacturing industries, Trade competitiveness 1242-3w

    Mauritania, Politics and government 226-7w

    National curriculum tests, Coventry 677-8w

    Numeracy, Primary education 1105-6w

    Olympic Games, China 1295w

    Power of Information, Taskforce 650w

    Property development, Public participation 328w

    Reading, Primary education 496-7w

    Religion, Education 500w

    Schools, Athletics 501w

    Sports, Young people 1512w

    Transport, Innovation 215w

    West coast railway line 887-8w

    Wildlife, Pesticides 936w


Curry, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Financial markets (06.10.2008) 35


    Regional planning and development, Departmental coordination 663

Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire

                  Chamber Debates

    Banks, Finance (08.10.2008) 291-2


    Afghanistan, Foreign investment 93-4w

    Africa, EC external relations 579w

    Africa, Females 580w

    Africa, Overseas aid 97w

    Africa Rice Center, Finance 98w

    Contracts, Dept for International Development 987w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Overseas aid 100w

    Developing countries, Voluntary work 584w

    Developing countries, Water 110w

    Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund 587-8w

    Ethiopia, Water 582w

    Forests, Environment protection 111-3w

    India, Education 582w

    Iraq, Reconstruction 116w

    Latin America, Climate change 989w

    Nepal, Health services 583w

    Overseas aid, Education 581w

    Pakistan, Health services 118-9w

    Renewable energy, Dept for International Development 586w

    Sierra Leone, Human rights 121w

    Sierra Leone, Overseas aid 586-7w

    Sierra Leone, Water 121w

    Southern Africa, Borders 580-1w

    UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Finance 124w


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