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Cabinet Office

    Official visits 294w

    Temporary employment 765w

Cable, Mr Vincent


    Economic situation 1028

    Jobcentre Plus 14

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 18

    Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal 563-5w, 709-11w

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Olympic Games 2012 (29.10.2008) 938



Cameron, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (20.10.2008) 24-6



Campaign against Arms Trade

Campbell, Mr Alan, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Crimes of violence, Young people (21.10.2008) 44-7wh

    Warren, Gordon (21.10.2008) 51-3wh


    Airwave service, Home Office 1249w

    Antisocial behaviour, Crime prevention 505-6w

    Antisocial behaviour, Liverpool 814w

    British Crime Survey 436w

    Crime, Computers 255w

    Crime, Greater London 1082w

    Crimes of violence, Cornwall 438w

    Crimes of violence, Homophobia 439w

    Domestic violence 260w

    Domestic violence, Convictions 1248w

    Driving offences, Fixed penalties 1084w

    Driving offences, Hertfordshire 1248w

    Driving offences, Insurance 219w

    Drugs, Afghanistan 510w

    Offensive weapons, Schizophrenia 1091w

    Offensive weapons, Young people 12-4w

    Police, Football 515w

    Police, Road traffic control 286-8w

    Public order offences, Religion 1092w

    Racially aggravated offences, Detection rates 452w

    Safer neighbourhood teams, West Yorkshire 671-2w

    Security guards, Licensing 270-1w

    Young offenders, Hemel Hempstead 1082w

Campbell, Mr Gregory

                  Chamber Debates

    Small businesses (22.10.2008) 313


    Emergency services, Crimes of violence 687-8w




    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust 518-9w


Canterbury City Council Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

Canvey Island

Capital gains tax

Caravan sites


    Departmental responsibilities 1131w

Carbon emissions

Carbon monoxide

Care homes

    Expenditure 61w

    Foreign workers 273w

    Inspections 901-2w (483 5-6mc)

Career structure

    Ministry of Defence 1227w


Carer's allowance

Carmichael, Mr Alistair


    Banks, Scotland 881

    Burma, Education 567w

    Burma, Political prisoners 384-5w

    Burma, Politics and government 386w

    Burma, Storms 2w

    Driving tests, Motorcycles 157

    Homophobia, Crimes of violence 439w

    Homophobia, Northern Ireland 88-90w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, 88-9w

    Racially aggravated offences, Detection rates 452w

    Racially aggravated offences, Northern Ireland 89-90w

    Sheep, Electronic tagging 181-2w


Carswell, Douglas

                  Chamber Debates


    Alcoholic drinks, Prime Minister 553w

    Taxation, Small businesses 1187w

    Waterwise, Finance 35w

Cash, Mr William

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (20.10.2008) 34

    Climate Change Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (28.10.2008) 735

Castle Point


    Waiting lists 61w


    Disease control 160w

Cawsey, Mr Ian


    Bank services, Charities 877w

    Pigmeat, Standards 893

Cellular phone masts

    see Aerials

Cellular phones

    see Mobile phones

Central African Republic

Central Media Monitoring Unit

    see Media Monitoring Unit

Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science

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