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Meacher, Rt Hon Michael


Meale, Mr Alan


    Magilligan Port 345w




Media Monitoring Unit

    Operating costs 936w

Medical equipment

Medical records

    Data protection 375w

Medical treatments abroad

Mediterranean region



    see Males

Mental Health Act 2007 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (20.10.2008) 132

Mental health services

    Patient choice schemes 1242w

    Young offender institutions 71-2w

Mentally disturbed offenders

Mentally ill

    Dept for Children, Schools and Families 1006w

    Dept for Communities and Local Government 233w

    Dept for International Development 669w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 344w

Mentally incapacitated

Mercer, Patrick

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration controls (21.10.2008) 176

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations (29.10.2008) 277-8wh


    A46, Nottinghamshire 149

    UK Border Agency 552

Merron, Gillian, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Argentina, Foreign relations 799w

    Billing, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 212w

    Central African Republic, Armed conflict 207-8w

    Colombia, Armed conflict 1069w

    Colombia, Trade unions 210w

    Conditions of employment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 211-2w

    Cuba, Political prisoners 386-7w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed conflict 93w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Politics and government 211w

    Diplomatic service, Females 96w

    Diplomatic service, Passports 531w

    "Diplomatic service list" 387w

    Disabled, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 96w

    Embassies, Non-domestic rates 213w

    Embassies, Security 96w

    Ethiopia, Arms trade 532w

    Guatemala, Homicide 532w

    International Criminal Court 534w

    Kenya, Politics and government 535w

    Official hospitality, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 93w

    Overseas residence, Death 389w

    Pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1069-70w

    Procurement, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 387w

    Security, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1070w

    Sick leave, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 93-5w

    Sick pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 95w, 212-3w

    Somalia, Human rights 772w

    Somalia, Peacekeeping operations 771-2w

    Sudan, Arms trade 536w

    Sudan, Foreign relations 770w

    Sudan, Politics and government 537w

    Sudan, Travel information 538w

    Taxis, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 216w

    Uganda, Politics and government 98w

    Written questions, Government responses 217-8w, 538w

Met Office



Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Metropolitan Black Police Association

Metropolitan Police Commissioner

    see Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis

Michael, Rt Hon Alun


    Electoral Commission, Standards 1045w

    Internet Governance Forum 446, 485w


Middle East

    Proscribed organisations 1253w

Midland main railway line


    Barking Havering and Redbridge Hospitals NHS Trust 311w

    West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust 382w

Migration Impacts Forum

Milburn, Rt Hon Alan


    Pre-school education, Darlington 328-30w

Miliband, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

                  Written Statements

    Tibet, Politics and government 30-2ws


    Buildings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 769w

Miliband, Rt Hon Edward, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

                  Chamber Debates

    Climate Change Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (28.10.2008) 794-5, 834-6

Military aid

Military aircraft

Military bases

Military decorations

Military exercises


Miller, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Brussels Summit (EC) (20.10.2008) 35-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Inland waterways, Repairs and maintenance (28.10.2008) 200-1wh


    Minimum wage 434

    Unemployment 8

Miller, Maria


    After school clubs 573w

    Consultants, Dept for Children, Schools and Families 325w

    National Academy for Parenting Practitioners, Finance 1310w

    National vocational qualifications 1127w

    Publications, Dept for Children, Schools and Families 326w

    Working tax credit 342w

Milton, Anne

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Regional planning and development, South East (22.10.2008) 69-74wh, 92wh


    Breast feeding, Telephone services 1231-2w

    Human papilloma virus, Vaccination 1061w

    Perinatal mortality 923w

    Sexually transmitted diseases 1068w

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Central Station

Minimum wage

Minister for the Olympics

Ministerial policy advisors

Ministerial statements

    Brussels Summit (EC) (20.10.2008) 21-40

    European Council (20.10.2008) 21-40

    Small businesses (22.10.2008) 305-17


    Public appointments 555w

Ministry of Defence

    Civil service agencies 189w

    Cleaning services 189w

    Data protection 190w

    Disciplinary proceedings 1029w

    Information and communications technology 190w, 630w

    Non-departmental public bodies 1228w

    Public relations 475w

Ministry of Justice

    Departmental responsibilities 723

    Public participation 42w

Minor injuries units




Mitchell, Mr Andrew


    Fraud, Dept for International Development 1161w

    Recruitment, Dept for International Development 1162w

Mitchell, Mr Austin

                  Chamber Debates

    Public Accounts Committee (23.10.2008) 511-7, 527


    Council housing, Standards 946w

    Court orders, Debts 53w

    Dietary supplements, Crown dependencies 556w

    Council housing, Standards 946w

    Dietary supplements, Direct mail 304w

    East coast railway line 836w

    Fisheries, Compensation 755-6w

    Housing benefit 698w

    Housing revenue accounts 352-3w

    Iceland, Overseas trade 943w

    Northern Rock, Mortgages 888w

    Right to buy scheme 970w

    Shared ownership schemes 971w

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