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    see Females


Woodward, Rt Hon Shaun, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland


    Christmas, Northern Ireland Office 87w

    Dorneywood, Northern Ireland Office 1168w

    Information and communications technology, Northern Ireland Office 1167w

    Information officers, Northern Ireland Office 1167w

    Marketing, Northern Ireland Office 470w

    Pay, Northern Ireland Office 1167-8w (485 7-8mc)

    Recruitment, Northern Ireland Office 87-8w

    Taxis, Northern Ireland Office 152w

Woolas, Phil, Minister of State, Treasury and Home Office

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration controls (21.10.2008) 215-9


    Asylum, Cameroon 674w

    Asylum, Children 998w

    Asylum, Employment 252w

    Asylum, Housing 436w

    Asylum, Work permits 816w

    Border and Immigration Agency, Correspondence 816w

    Border and Immigration Agency, Travel 508w

    Borders, Personal records 816w

    British nationality, Gurkhas 816-7w

    British nationality, Right of abode 674w

    Christmas, Home Office 674w

    Civil service agencies, Home Office 508-9w

    Cleaning services, Home Office 440w

    Customs officers, Lancashire 440w

    Data protection, Home Office 817-8w

    Detention centres 10w

    Disciplinary proceedings, Home Office 257w

    Dungavel House Immigration Removal Centre 260w

    EDF Energy, Home Office 261w

    European Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings 265-6w

    Foreign workers, Airports 813-4w

    Foreign workers, Care homes 273w

    Foreign workers, Domestic service 264-5w

    Government Communications, Home Office 443-4w

    Highly skilled migrant programme 1086-8w

    Homeworking, Home Office 258w

    Identity cards, Foreigners 820-1w

    Illegal immigrants, Employment 267w

    Immigrants, Criminal records 514w

    Immigrants, Fees and charges 11w

    Immigrants, Police custody 12w

    Immigration, Bexley 513w

    Immigration, Climate change 821-2w

    Immigration, Fraud 821w

    Immigration, Somalia 564

    Immigration controls, Aviation 268w

    Information, Home Office 258w

    Marketing, Home Office 818w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Home Office 441w

    Oakington Immigration Removal Centre 679-80w

    Offenders, Deportation 514w

    Official residences, Home Office 258w, 515w

    Official visits, Home Office 509w

    Plain English, Home Office 822w

    Procurement, Home Office 259w

    Public expenditure, Home Office 441w

    Public participation, Home Office 509-10w

    Sanctions, Iran 214w

    Seasonal agricultural workers' scheme 24w, 153w

    Stress, Home Office 271w

    Temporary employment, Home Office 820w

    Travel requirements, Fees and charges 825-6w

    UK Border Agency, Billing 826-7w

    UK Border Agency, Dismissal 272w

    UK Border Agency, Finance 272-3w

    UK Border Agency, Marketing 826w

    UK Border Agency, Property 14-5w

    UN Convention on the Rights of the Child 671w

    Workers' registration scheme, Greater London 149-50w

    Written questions, Government responses 273-4w

Work permits

Workers' registration scheme

Working hours

    Whitemoor Prison 226w

Working tax credit

World economy

World Heritage sites

World Religion Day

World War II

Wright, David


    Antisocial behaviour 548

    Mobile phones, Health hazards 312w

Wright, Iain, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Dept for Communities and Local Government

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Travelling people, Epping Forest (22.10.2008) 127-30wh


    Approved premises, Planning permission 965w

    Building regulations, Databases 1130w

    Caravans, Departmental responsibilities 1131w

    Carbon monoxide, Alarms 497w

    Community infrastructure levy 1131-2w

    Council housing, Construction 1275w

    Council housing, Insulation 227w

    Council housing, Repairs and maintenance 946w, 959w

    Council housing, South West 487w

    Council housing, South Yorkshire 1274w

    Council housing, Standards 946w

    Electromagnetic fields, Health hazards 1259-60w

    Empty property, Eastbourne 1260w

    Environmental impact assessment 950-1w

    Geographical information systems 951-2w

    Home information packs, Prosecutions 953w

    Homelessness, Young people 954-5w

    Homes and Communities Agency, Manpower 491-2w

    Homes and Communities Agency, Pay 491w

    Homes and Communities Agency, Public appointments 955-6w

    Housing, Building alterations 1142w

    Housing, Disadvantaged 353w

    Housing, Finance 958w

    Housing, Per capita costs 958w

    Housing, Rural areas 191w

    Housing, Students 960w

    Housing, Young people 1274w

    Housing and planning delivery grant 958-9w

    Housing associations, Finance 1264-5w

    Housing revenue accounts 352-3w

    Land use, Databases 964w

    Lighting, Pollution 1274w

    Listed buildings, Demolition 1274w

    Local government, Mortgages 354w

    Local government, Standards 1145w

    Members, Correspondence 354w

    Mortgages, Government assistance 355w

    Ordnance Survey, Databases 1148w

    Ordnance Survey, Manpower 495w

    Ordnance Survey, Pay 964w

    Ordnance Survey, Visits abroad 1148-9w (487 3-6mc)

    Out of town shopping centres, Planning permission 237w

    Parking, Fees and charges 978w

    Planning, Sustainable development 1284w

    Planning, Urban areas 966w

    Planning Inspectorate 1285w

    Planning permission, Data protection 1287w

    Planning permission, Hammersmith and Fulham 966w

    Property, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1259w

    Property development, Recreation spaces 235w

    Property searches 966w

    Regeneration, Canvey Island 966-7w

    Regional planning and development 967-8w

    Renewable energy, Planning permission 236-7w

    Retail trade, Planning permission 1151w

    Shared ownership schemes 971w

    Social rented housing, Repairs and maintenance 1144w

    Urban development corporations 237-8w

Wright, Jeremy

                  Chamber Debates

    Olympic Games 2012 (29.10.2008) 906

    Political Parties and Elections Bill, 2R (20.10.2008) 57


    DNA, Databases 551

    Legal profession, Competition 718

Wright, Tony

                  Chamber Debates

    Energy and Climate Change Select Committee (28.10.2008) 853-5

    Political Parties and Elections Bill, 2R (20.10.2008) 56, 71, 106-11

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Bus services, Concessions 828w

    Government departments, Annual reports 781w

    Parliament, Duration 714-5

Written questions

    Dept for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1114w

    Dept for Culture, Media and Sport 241w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 501w

    Dept for International Development 200w

    Dept for Transport 282w

    Government Equalities Office 291w

    Minister for the Olympics 392-3w

    Northern Ireland Office 88w

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