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    Road traffic 39w



Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Chamber Debates


    Northern Ireland 950w

Absence without leave



    Personal social and health education 427w


Accident and emergency departments

    Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust 528-9w


    Invalid vehicles 47w


Adult education


Advisory bodies

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1406w

Advisory Panel on Beacon Councils

    see Beacon Councils Advisory Panel

Advisory services


    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1400-1w

    Health services 507w


Afriyie, Adam

                  Chamber Debates


    Astute class submarines 54w

    General certificate of secondary education 188w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 13

    Motor vehicles, Insurance 49-50w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills 172w



    see also Farmers

    Developing countries 510w

Ainsworth, Bob, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Written Statements

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 43ws


    Armed forces, Education 667-8w

    Armed forces, Housing 64w

    Armed forces, Industrial health and safety 1173-4w

    Armed forces, Job satisfaction 1-4

    Armed forces, Postal services 61w, 478w

    Armed forces, Vetting 63w

    Armoured fighting vehicles 776w

    Army, Conditions of employment 298w

    Army, Resignations 298w

    China, Military alliances 63-4w

    Defence 14

    Exservicemen, Offenders 483-4w

    Fuels, Ministry of Defence 1178w

    HMS Illustrious, Absence without leave 1301w

    Information and communications technology, Ministry of Defence 302-3w

    Internet, Ministry of Defence 1000w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 55w

    Liability, Ministry of Defence 482w

    Manpower, Ministry of Defence 778w

    Met Office, Data protection 779w

    Military bases, Security 61-2w

    Morocco, Military alliances 1301w

    National Recognition of our Armed Forces Inquiry 677w

    Navy, Reserve forces 56w

    Nigeria, Military aid 488w

    RAF Menwith Hill, Security 70w

    Security, Ministry of Defence 66w

    Somalia, Piracy 68w

    USA, Military bases 71-2w

    Warrior armoured vehicle 1002w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter


    Agriculture, Developing countries 510w

    Air pollution, Greater London 336-7

    Computers, Home Office 29w

    Fishing catches 397w

    Genetically modified organisms, International cooperation 1007w

    Information officers, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1227w

    Kenley Airfield 779w

    Landfill Communities Fund 402w

    Motor vehicles, Lighting 53w

Air Navigation (Environmental Standards for Non-EASA Aircraft) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

Air pollution

Air traffic control




    Planning permission 955w

Airwave service

    Dept for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1361w

    Dept for Children Schools and Families 1353w

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1179w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1219-20w

    Dept for International Development 986w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 1247w

    Ministry of Justice 1336w

    Northern Ireland Office 951w

    Scotland Office 949w

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