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Flello, Robert

                  Chamber Debates

    Post office card account (10.11.2008) 578, 588

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Schools, Stoke on Trent (04.11.2008) 65-72wh


    Developing countries, Climate change 241

Flexible working

Flint, Rt Hon Caroline, Minister of State for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Written Statements

    EC common foreign and security policy 58-60ws

    EU General Affairs and External Relations Council 16-7ws, 36-9ws


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 877-8w

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, EC aid 635

    Christmas, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1403w

    European Central Bank, Interest rates 635-6

    European Council, Public appointments 1409w

    European External Action Service 163w

    Georgia, Peacekeeping operations 282-3w

    Gibraltar, EC grants and loans 163w

    Gibraltar, Nature conservation 163-4w

    Gibraltar, Spain 163w

    Kazakhstan, Religious freedom 883w

    Kosovo, Internally displaced persons 282w, 1063w

    Macedonia, EC enlargement 167-8w

    Macedonia, Politics and government 884w

    Overseas students, Scholarships 177-8w

    Russia, BBC External Services 633

    Russia, Foreign relations 688w

    Sri Lanka, Human rights 632

    USA, Foreign relations 1059w

    Uzbekistan, Asylum 284w

    Uzbekistan, Human rights 283-4w

Flood control

    Expenditure 1228w (486 4mc)

Flooding Lessons Learned Review



    Olympic Games 2012 947w

Fly tipping

Flynn, Paul

                  Chamber Debates

    Unparliamentary expressions, Points of order (03.11.2008) 21


    Unemployment benefits 1255w

Follett, Barbara, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for the East of England, Dept for Culture Media and Sport

                  Chamber Debates

    Gloucester City Football Club (10.11.2008) 613-6

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Archaeology, Manpower 138w

    Archaeology, York 483

    Arts, Greater Manchester 709w

    Arts Council of England, Consultants 404-8w

    Big Lottery Fund 818w

    British Film Institute 815w

    British Library, Finance 815w

    Coastal areas, Regeneration 714-5w

    Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, Information officers 710w

    Cultural heritage 147w

    Cultural Property (Armed Conflicts) Bill (Draft) 408w

    Design, Apprentices 1093w

    Design, Clothing 139w

    Design, Teachers 816w

    Digital broadcasting 473-4

    Digital broadcasting, Radio 485

    English Heritage 711w

    English Heritage, Educational visits 411-2w

    English Tourist Board, Finance 820w

    Greater Manchester, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 817w

    Heritage Lottery Fund, Employment agencies 712w

    Information officers, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 710w

    International conferences, Greater London 139-40w

    Internet, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 409w

    Museums and galleries, Information officers 710w

    National Lottery Commission, Information officers 713w

    Overseas visitors 413w

    Pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 140w

    Powers of entry, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 148w, 713w

    Press, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 409-11w

    Public libraries, Greater London 818w

    Publications, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 141-3w

    Regional cultural consortiums, Information officers 715-6w

    Royal Parks Agency, Information officers 716w

    Rural areas, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 716w

    Theatres Trust, Information officers 717w

    Tourism, Balance of payments 149w

    Tourism, Greater London 820w

    UK Film Council, Information officers 717w

    VisitBritain, Finance 150w

    Wales Tourist Board, Finance 819-20w

    Youth organisations, Finance 820w


    Genetically modified organisms 347

Food Labelling (Nutrition and Health) Bill 2007-08

                  Chamber Debates

Food supply


Football Association

Football Licensing Authority

    Information officers 711w

Forced marriage protection orders

Foreign aid

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    Chief Scientific Adviser 1409w

    Industrial disputes 1185w

    Information and communications technology 1406w

    Ministers' private offices 1067w

    Public participation 1185w

    Temporary employment 881w

Foreign investment

Foreign relations

Foreign workers

    Domestic service 798w


    Welfare tax credits 937w



Foster, Mr Don

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Alcoholic drinks, Statistics 1290-1w

    Digital broadcasting 474

    Gambling, Young people 1182w

    Health education, Finance 522-3w

    Olympic Games, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1412-3w

    Olympic Games 2012, Consultants 286-92w

    Sport England, Internet 148-9w

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