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Meacher, Rt Hon Michael

                  Chamber Debates

    Heathrow Airport (11.11.2008) 706-9


    Electronic surveillance 362w

Meat products

    Greenhouse gas emissions 1333w


    Dept for Work and Pensions 265-6w

Medical equipment

Medical examinations

    Social security benefits 554w

Medical Profession (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (12.11.2008) 916

Medical records

Medical treatments

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency


    Dept for Transport 42w


Members' constituency work

    Disclosure of information (05.11.2008) 325-34

Members' Fund

    see House of Commons Members' Fund

Members' interests

    Mandelson, Lord 907w


    see Males

Mental health services

Mentally ill

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 412-3w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1293-4w

    Dept for Innovation, Universities and Skills 742-3w

    Dept for Transport 49w

    Disability living allowance 1111-2w

    Employment services 1249w

    Northern Ireland Office 953-4w

Mentally incapacitated

Mercer, Patrick


    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 293w

    Armed forces, Job satisfaction 2-3

    Community relations, Islam 339w

    Entry clearances 797w

    Iraq, Peacekeeping operations 55w


    Building societies 933w

Merron, Gillian, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Advisory bodies, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1406w

    Afghanistan, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1400w

    Alcoholic drinks, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1404w

    Assets, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1405w

    Aviation, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1404w

    Bullying, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1410w

    Cameroon, Asylum 878w

    Chad, Sexual offences 485w

    China, Human rights 1403w

    Colombia, Military aid 1060w

    Colombia, Politics and government 879w

    Commonwealth, Asylum 486w

    Commonwealth, Politics and government 879w

    Crimes of violence, Females 1058w

    Cuba, Overseas trade 1404w

    Data protection, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1405w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Peacekeeping operations 685w

    Diplomatic service, Security guards 1408w

    Disciplinary proceedings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1405-6w

    European Union, Civil servants 881w

    Guinea, Human rights 486w

    Heathrow Airport, Official visits 1185w

    Indonesia, Peacekeeping operations 164-5w

    Industrial disputes, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1185w

    Information and communications technology, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1406w

    Information officers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 685-6w

    Ivory Coast, Human rights 487w

    McConnell, Jack 686w

    Mauritania, Foreign relations 487-8w

    Ministers' private offices, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1067w

    Older workers, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 880-1w

    Overseas residence, Death 1065w

    Paper, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1406w

    Pay, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1184w

    Press, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 687-8w

    Public participation, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1185w

    Public relations, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1406w

    Renewable energy, EC action 282w

    Sick leave, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1407-8w

    Somalia, Human rights 636

    Somalia, Peacekeeping operations 1186-7w

    Somalia, Politics and government 489w

    Somaliland, Politics and government 625-6

    Sudan, Armed conflict 689w

    Sudan, Overseas aid 690w

    Sudan, Peacekeeping operations 490w, 690w

    Sudan, Politics and government 1066w

    Sudan, Travel information 490w

    Television, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1411w

    Temporary employment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 881w

    Torture, British nationality 1415-6w

    Uganda, Armed conflict 490w

    USA, Foreign relations 1059w

    Western Sahara, Human rights 1416w

    Zimbabwe, Politics and government 491-2w

Met Office

    Data protection 779w



Michael, Rt Hon Alun


    Digital switchover help scheme 814w

    Olympic Games 2012, Wales 781w

    Somaliland, Politics and government 625


Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

    Accident and emergency departments 528-9w

Middle East


Miliband, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

                  Written Statements

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed conflict 17-8ws


    Afghanistan, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1400-1w

    Afghanistan, Peacekeeping operations 631

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Politics and government 634

    Chief Scientific Adviser, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1409w

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Armed conflict 619-22

    Democratic Republic of Congo, Peacekeeping operations 880w

    Departmental responsibilities, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 630-1, 1406-7w

    Diplomatic service, Recruitment 1408-9w

    Horn of Africa, Armed conflict 164w

    Israel, EC external trade 633-4

    Members, Correspondence 1411w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 617-9, 633

    Official cars, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1186w

    Progressive Governance Summit 1403w

    Sri Lanka, Human rights 168w

    Training, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 162-3w

    United Arab Emirates, Nuclear power 169w

    USA, Climate change 631

    USA, Economic situation 633

    USA, Foreign relations 622-5

    Yemen, Politics and government 170w

Miliband, Rt Hon Edward, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change


    Climate Change Convention 1332w

    Coal fired power stations 942

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept of Energy and Climate Change 938-9

    Energy, Prices 941

    Energy supply 939

Military aid

Military aircraft

    Procurement 57w

Military alliances

Military bases

Military decorations


Miller, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates

    Employment Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (04.11.2008) 160, 176-7

    Post office card account (13.11.2008) 974


    Business questions 958

    Government departments, Data protection 755

Miller, Maria


    Pre-school education 1354w

    Pre-school education, Marketing 1354w

    Schools, Nurses 761w

Milton, Anne


    Alcoholic drinks, Crime 1344w

    Departmental responsibilities, Minister for the South East 130w

    HIV infection, Life expectancy 1375-6w

    Medical treatments, Cost effectiveness 1381-2w

    Mental health services 105

    NHS Pay Review Body 532w

    Sexually transmitted diseases 1376-8w

    Sexually transmitted diseases, Screening 1204w


Minimum wage


Minister for the East of England

Minister for the Olympics

    Official visits 14w

Minister for the South East

    Departmental responsibilities 130w

Ministerial Group on Over-indebtedness

Ministerial policy advisors

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1227-8w

    Dept of Energy and Climate Change 1264w

    Written questions 277w

Ministerial statements

    Post office card account (13.11.2008) 965-82


    Official residences 823w

Ministers of religion

    Northern Ireland Office 1321w

Ministers' private offices

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 1067w

Ministry of Defence

    Departmental responsibilities 15

    Information officers 65w

    Official hospitality 66w

    Official visits 66w

    Public participation 482w

Ministry of Justice

    Data protection 215w

    Information and communications technology 624w

    Non-departmental public bodies 745-6w

    Telephone services 216w



Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Amendment) Order 2008

                  Chamber Debates

    (10.11.2008) 607

Mitchell, Mr Andrew

                  Chamber Debates


    Overseas aid, Cost effectiveness 240-1

    Overseas aid, Departmental coordination 510-1w

    Overseas aid, Education 110-2w

Mitchell, Mr Austin

                  Westminster Hall Debates


    Banks, Regulation 929w

    Council housing, Construction 990w

    Council housing, Property transfer 867w, 1147w

    Council housing, Rents 989w

    Council housing, Standards 992w

    Herbal medicine, Licensing 1051w

    Housing, Construction 860w

    Housing, Low incomes 1148w

    Housing revenue accounts 860w

    Iceland, Foreign relations 822w

    Income support, Mortgages 703-4w

    Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander 930w

    Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander, Isle of Man 929w

    Non-domestic rates, Ports 865w

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