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Beckett, Rt Hon Margaret, Minister of State, Dept for Communities and Local Government


    Council housing, Security of tenure 120-2

    Eco-towns, Public participation 125-6

    Planning obligations 127-8

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Bee Health Advisory Panel



    Genetically modified organisms 1588-9w

Begg, Miss Anne

                  Chamber Debates

    Offences against children, Haringey (20.11.2008) 386-7


    Equality, Public bodies 613-4

    Lone parents, Employment 480

    Post offices, Closures 231

Beith, Sir Alan

                  Chamber Debates

    Counter-Terrorism Bill, Lords amendts (19.11.2008) 275


    Pharmacy, Northumberland 2119w

    Renewable energy, North East 1475-6w


Bell, Sir Stuart, Second Church Estates Commissioner

                  Chamber Debates

    Group of Twenty (17.11.2008) 33


    Church Commissioners, Older workers 5w

    Church Commissioners, Written questions 5w

    Church of England, Finance 1481w

    Redundant churches, Property transfer 1164w

Bellingham, Mr Henry

                  Chamber Debates


    Art works, Ministry of Justice 1654w

    Billing, Ministry of Justice 1692w

    Children, Protection 1648w

    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service 14

    Court orders, Housing 21w

    Courts, Fees and charges 1649w

    Furniture, Ministry of Justice 1657w

    Legal advice and assistance 796w

    Legal representation, Fees and charges 796-7w

    Skilled workers, Construction 347-8

    Tribunals Service, Reorganisation 1692w

    Visits abroad, Ministry of Justice 1673w

Benefit Fraud Inspectorate

Benn, Rt Hon Hilary, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

                  Written Statements

    Bluetongue disease, Lancashire 94ws


    Research, Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 1609-11w

Benyon, Richard

                  Chamber Debates

    Immigration, Points of order (26.11.2008) 739

    Planning Bill, Lords amendts (24.11.2008) 529

    Pre-Budget Report 2008 (26.11.2008) 758


    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry 478w

    Children's trusts, Autism 7-8

    Immigration, Appeals 2258w

    Offences against children, Haringey 719-20

Bercow, Mr John


    Conflict resolution, Females 1319w

    Human rights, Departmental coordination 322w

    Internet, Regulation 195w

    Mortgages, Repossession orders 1913-4w

    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence 538w

Bereavement benefits

    Civil partners 486

Beresford, Sir Paul


    Aviation, Exhaust emissions 480-1w

Berry, Mr Roger



Betts, Mr Clive

                  Chamber Debates

    Planning Bill, Lords amendts (24.11.2008) 553, 563, 565


    Buildings, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 184-5w

    Housing revenue accounts 115


    Antisocial behaviour orders 2214w

    Disability living allowance 987w

Big Lottery Fund

    Public participation 1068w

Bill of rights


    Dept for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform 1109-10w

    Dept for Children, Schools and Families 779w

    Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 301-2w

    Dept for International Development 117w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 189-90w

    Ministry of Justice 1692w


Binley, Brian

                  Chamber Debates

    Group of Twenty (17.11.2008) 38

    Local government finance (26.11.2008) 735


    Kaupthing Singer and Friedlander, Isle of Man 1328w





Black Review

Blackman-Woods, Roberta


    Social security benefits, Disabled 557w

Blears, Rt Hon Hazel, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

                  Written Statements

    Supply estimates, Dept for Communities and Local Government 52-7ws


    Community development 371w

    Departmental responsibilities, Dept for Communities and Local Government 125

    Internet, Dept for Communities and Local Government 1128-9w

    Local government 371w

    Local government services 128w

    Non-domestic rates, Empty property 128

    Non-domestic rates, Small businesses 122-4

    Planning permission, St Albans 129

    Property development, Floods 127

    Social services, Haringey 131w


    see Sight impaired


Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry

Bluetongue disease

Blunkett, Rt Hon David

                  Chamber Debates

    Pre-Budget Report 2008 (26.11.2008) 744-5

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Chamber Debates

    Counter-Terrorism Bill, Lords amendts (19.11.2008) 248

                  Westminster Hall Debates

    Equitable Life Assurance Society (25.11.2008) 210wh


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