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Broads Authority Bill—continued


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Section 13


1.The standards appeals panel shall consist of not less than one person appointed by the Authority and two persons appointed by such bodies as appear to the Authority to represent boating interests, the appointments in each case to be made at the Authority's expense and from amongst persons having knowledge or experience of the standards.
2.The Authority shall refer any application duly made under section 13 to the standards appeals panel and provide the panel with reasonable facilities to determine the question which is the subject of the application.
3.Subject to the other provisions of this Schedule, the standards appeals panel shall determine its own procedure (including the quorum for any meeting).
4.A determination by the standards appeals panel in relation to any question referred to it shall be final.
5.The costs incurred in convening the standards appeals panel in relation to any question referred to it, including the costs of the Authority in providing facilities to it, shall be paid by such party as the panel may direct.
6.The standards appeals panel may cause the amount of the costs so incurred by it to be certified and any amount so certified and directed by it to be paid by a person may be recovered from that person by or on behalf of the standards appeals panel summarily as a civil debt.
7.The standards appeals panel may make orders as to the costs of the parties in relation to any question referred to it and as to the parties by whom the costs are to be paid.
8.Any order under paragraph 7 may be made a rule of the High Court on the application of any party named in the order.


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