Banking Bill

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Dr. Pugh: When selected to serve on the Committee, I thought the Bill might be dull. It has not always been fascinating, but it has been highly technical and important. It has been a sharp learning curve for me. I was helped by the tenor of the meetings, which has been measured and thoughtful throughout, for which all Members—experts and non-experts—should take credit. There are those in the room who are expert—certainly more so than I am. Credit must also be given to the Chairmen, who have kept us going in a businesslike and totally fair way. The Clerks, too, have been very helpful and efficient and deserve our sympathy because they have endured every one of the 17 meetings, as has the Minister.
Stewart Hosie (Dundee, East) (SNP): I, too, thank you, Mr. Gale, your co-Chairs and the Clerks. It is worth putting on the record that when representing a minority party on Committees, I sometimes do not make a huge contribution. Once those on the Conservative Front Bench have read out briefing notes from outside bodies and those comments have been picked up by the Liberal Democrats, there tends to be little left for me to say. However, I hope the contribution has been useful, and when we get to Report and beyond, there may yet be some amendments and changes that can improve the Bill still further.
The Chairman: As the Committee has been hopelessly out of order for the past five minutes or so, let me compound the situation by adding my own thanks to the Officers of the House, the constabulary and those others without whom our work would be impossible. May I also express my thanks to the Committee for the exemplary courtesy and good humour with which these proceedings have been conducted? The Chair appreciates it, and I only wish the general public had the opportunity to see and appreciate it. It is not widely reported, but it is a very good thing.
Question put and agreed to.
Bill, as amended, to be reported.
Committee rose at seventeen minutes to One o’clock.
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Prepared 19 November 2008