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Martin Horwood: New clause 3 relates to impact and risk assessment. Pages 25 and 26 of the Bill contain two separate clauses with two logically separate areas of advice: clause 55 deals with impact and risk assessment and clause 56 is on adaptation under the Secretary of State’s programme. The technical advice on impact assessment is contained in clause 34(5), which would be deleted by amendment No. 12 and is not reinserted by new clause 3 or any other Government amendment.
Joan Ruddock: The hon. Gentleman needs to wait until we move to the next group of amendments. The role that we are giving to the Climate Change Committee is clear, from the advice stated in new clause 3, and I can add nothing to what I have said.
On amendment No. 20, again, the hon. Gentleman is suggesting that a signal could be given. It is clear to us that saying that one Select Committee should have the role weakens scrutiny. We have given the scrutiny role to the Climate Change Committee, which will be advising on the risk assessment. We are more than aware that the EAC makes its own decisions and will continue to do so, as will other Select Committees. That is the proper role of a Select Committee in Parliament.
Martin Horwood: I am sorry to press the Minister on this matter, but we are discussing new clause 3 now, in this group of amendments, and nowhere does it mention adaptation.
Joan Ruddock: The risk assessment is clearly the precursor of any programme for adaptation. The Climate Change Committee is being given this duty to advise on the risk assessments that the Government are preparing.
Martin Horwood: I am sorry to press the Minister further, but why, in that case, do we have separate clauses: one for impact and risk assessment and another—clause 56—for adaptation? They are not the same.
Joan Ruddock: I am looking to see whether I may receive some advice on this matter. Our amendments, including our new clause, are clear to me. Clause 55 is in part 4, which is called “Impact of and adaptation to climate change”.
It being twenty-five minutes past Ten o’clock, The Chairman adjourned the Committee without Question put, pursuant to the Standing Order.
Adjourned till this day at One o’clock.
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