Memorandum submitted by Tom Burke - Witness to the Energy Bill on Tuesday 5 February (EN 10)


At the Committee's evidence session on Tuesday the Chairman asked if I would supply some details about my current affiliations and background on these issues.


I am currently:  Environmental Policy Advisor to Rio Tinto ( 2 days/week); Senior Business Advisor to the Foreign Secretary's Special Representative on Climate Change ( 1day/week ); Advisor on Climate Change to Standard Chartered Bank ( 1 day/month ); Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board of ENDS; Chairman of the Advisory Board of BASE; Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London; Honorary Professor at University College, London; a Founder-Director of E3G ( an environ mental organisation ); a Director of the Green Alliance.


As I made clear during the hearing the views I expressed were my own and should not be interpreted in any way as reflecting those of any of the organisations with which I have a relationship. However, they do reflect the advice I give, where appropriate, to all of those organisations and others.



February 2008