Finance Bill

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Mr. Browne: I am grateful to the Minister for her constructive and detailed response to that series of amendments. My only observation is that a reasonable case can be made in every instance for granting greater powers to HMRC. However, in my three years as a Member of the House, we have had endless items of legislation before us, of which this is only one, where the state has increased its powers at the expense of the individual citizen. If I recall correctly, I have yet to have the opportunity to vote on a single instance when the individual citizen’s powers have been extended at the expense of the state. Nevertheless, that is the background within which we all operate. I do not wish to press any of the amendments to a Division this evening. I beg to ask leave to withdraw the amendment.
Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.
The Chairman: May I wish all members of the Committee an enjoyable and eventful, but restful, weekend? I will see you back next week on Tuesday, at 10.30 in the morning.
Further consideration adjourned—[Mr. Blizzard.]
Adjourned accordingly at one minute past Four o’clock till Tuesday 10 June at half-past Ten o’clock.
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