Memorandum submitted by the Pensions Action Group (PE 21)



As you have been appointed Joint Chairperson on the Committee to look at the 2007 Pensions Bill, could I ask you to help enhance the speed at which amendments to FAS announced on December 17th 2007, and previous amendments, become law.


As you know there are many of the 140,000 workers who will eventually benefit from these amendments that are already passed their retirement age and who are ill and therefore desperately in need of this latest assistance. Others have been potentially included in FAS for the first time, and again are passed retirement age yet are not receiving any financial help, meaning that they are having to work in hard physical jobs to make ends meet.


It ad been a long struggle to get the compensation to levels where they should be, please do not make us wait any longer than necessary to actually see the financial help that has been offered.


I trust that you will do your best for us all.


January 2008