Select Committee on Business and Enterprise Ninth Special Report

Ninth Special Report

1. The Business and Enterprise Committee published its Sixth Report of Session 2007-08, After the Network Change Programme: the future of the post office network, on 2 June 2008. It published its Tenth Report of the Session, Post Office finance: matters arising from evidence taken on 10 June 2008, on 25 July 2008. Responses from the Government to both Reports and from Postwatch to the Sixth Report are appended to this Report.

2. During the network change post office closure programme, Postwatch has been submitting regular progress reports on the closure programme to the Committee. These were previously made public by Postwatch itself. Now that Postwatch has been subsumed into the new body, Consumer Focus, the Committee has decided to place copies of the progress reports in the Library of the House of Commons and the Record Office, and on the Committee's web pages to ensure that they remain available.

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Prepared 17 October 2008