Select Committee on Business and Enterprise Thirteenth Report

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Session 2007-08
First ReportThe work of the Committee in 2007 HC 233
Second ReportJobs for the Girls: Two Years On HC 291
Third ReportPost Office Closure Programme HC 292
Fourth ReportFunding the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority HC 394
Fifth ReportWaking up to India: Developments in UK-India economic relations HC 209
Sixth ReportAfter the Network Change Programme: the future of the
post office network
HC 577
Seventh ReportKeeping the door wide open: Turkey and EU accession HC 367
Eighth Report
(First Joint Report of Committee's on Arms Export Controls)
Scrutiny of Arms Export Controls (2008): UK Strategic Export Controls Annual Report 2006, Quarterly Reports for 2007, licensing policy and review of export control legislation HC 254
Ninth ReportConstruction matters HC 127
Tenth ReportPost Office finance: matters arising from evidence taken on 10 June 2008 HC 662
Eleventh ReportEnergy prices, fuel poverty and Ofgem HC 293
Twelfth ReportPost Office Card Account: successor arrangements HC 1052

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Prepared 21 November 2008