Supplementary Memorandum submitted by the Department for Children, Schools and Families


Questions 18-19 (Mr Chaytor): The relationship of the Departmental Strategic Objectives to the Budget

The Department's Business Plan for 2008-09 attributes the Department's budget to the Departmental Strategic Objectives as follows:



Secure the wellbeing and health of children and young people



Safeguard the young and vulnerable



Achieve world class standards in education



Close the gap in educational achievement for children from disadvantaged backgrounds



Ensure young people are participating and achieving their potential to 18 and beyond



Keep children and young people on the path to success



Lead and manage the system




DCSF Total



The allocations of the 2009-10 and 2010-11 budgets has yet to be decided


Question 20 (Mr Chaytor): A table indicating how much money is being allocated to Children services or / Children's Trusts and similar 


Question 22 (Mr Chaytor): A table showing how much is being allocated to front line institutions


In taking forward action on these two points the Department will consider carefully the detail of information that will be included in the 2009 Departmental Report. The existing Table 8.3 is based on the Departmental organisational structure, which is largely in line with the various areas of policy development. The table can be reformatted in a number of ways but this will take considerable effort to ensure that the information is correct, will be helpful and will be understandable to users. The Department will consider if this is possible when preparing the 2009 Departmental Report


Question 23 (Mr Chaytor): An extension of The Pupil Numbers table (Annex N on page 150) to show the likely pupil numbers beyond 2008/09


The information is given in Annex A.


Question 38 (Mr Heppell): The PSA delivery Agreement for CSR 2007


The PSA delivery agreements can be found at: The Agreements that DCSF leads are PSA targets 10-14.


Question 39 (Mr Heppell): The significance of SR 2004 PSA targets and the relationship between the DSO and the CSR 2007 PSA targets

The Department's Autumn Performance Report will be published in November / December 2008 and will include final assessments for the majority of SR04 targets. Annex B (SR04 PSA targets transition into CSR07 period) shows the evolution of the PSA targets.

Annex C shows how the Department's six Departmental Strategic Objectives and their underpinning indicators relate to the PSA targets.

Question 104 (Chairman): When the School Commissioner's annual report will be published


A copy of the Commissioner's report will be sent to the Chairman today.





July 2008