BSF15: Memorandum submitted by Partnerships for Schools


Progress and Process Update: July 2008


Since the Select Committee last took evidence from Tim Byles, Chief Executive of Partnerships for Schools, there has been considerable acceleration across all aspects of delivery for the Building Schools for the Future programme. This note highlights progress since Tim Byles took up post at the start of November 2006.


Local authorities in the programme


July 2008


November 2006





BSF projects achieving Financial Close (forming partnership with private sector provider)


July 2008


November 2006





BSF Schools Open


July 2008


November 2006






Changes to the BSF process


Implementation of new pre-procurement process designed to ensure that local authorities' plans are focused on educational transformation and that they are ready to hit the ground running on entry to BSF is resulting in a six month reduction to this phase of the process.


The BSF Procurement Review, approved by Ministers in May for implementation this autumn, is projected to deliver up to 250m of savings across the national programme and a further reduction of two months to the delivery timetable.

A third review of the process, commissioned by PfS, is currently examining Local Education Partnerships in operation, focusing on the extent to which they offer a fully integrated service and how they add value in the longer term.

Last month, on the basis of demonstrating their readiness to deliver, eight local authorities (Enfield, Hounslow, North Tyneside, Rotherham, Southampton, Staffordshire, Walsall and Worcestershire) were selected to be fast-tracked for early entry to the programme.


DCSF consultation on the management of Waves 7 to 15 of BSF, which ended this month, has been considering a move away from a wave-based approach to bringing in more authorities sooner than was previously possible, targeting areas of deprivation first.


July 2008