Select Committee on Communities and Local Government Committee Fifth Report


1Ordnance Survey Ev 1
2Office of Public Sector Information Ev 6
3Office of Fair Trading Ev 8
4Intelligent Addressing Ev 19
5Locus AssociationEv 23
6Association for Geographic Information Ev 32
7GetmappingEv 37
8Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Ev 41
9Office for National Statistics Ev 44
10Ministry of Defence Ev 46
11Dr Pauline Pollard Ev 47
12Chris CorbinEv 50
13Local Government Association and Improvement and Development Agency Ev 58
14Local Government Data Unit (Wales) Ev 65
15Department for Communities and Local Government Ev 68
16Association of Regional Observatories Ev 71
17Green Amps Limited Ev 72
18  Ordnance Survey (Supplementary) Ev 73

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Prepared 2 February 2008