Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Written Evidence

Supplementary memorandum from Entertainment Retailers Association

  The BBFC have proven themselves commercial and effective in the film space and I have no reason to believe they would not do so in the games space. This is not to say the BBFC might not have to adopt different systems of review for games or adopt different cost bases but both these factors are surmountable.

  The "European" nature of PEGI is meaningless, the only two systems which are relevant are a UK system or a global system. The BBFC also operates an online version and we exist in a world where technology will allow those who wish to use a ratings system to implement this.

  The most important factor remains that the BBFC system is already understood by consumers and therefore requires considerably less consumer education to make it effective for games.

  As our submission makes clear retail (and consumers) require a single system which is:

    —  understood;

    —  mandatory; and

    —  global.

  Whilst neither the BBFC system nor PEGI meet all our requirements we believe the Bbfc system requires less work than PEGI to meet consumer needs. Please also bear in mind that whatever is decided for games, BBFC ratings still exist for film, so retail will need to continue to operate two systems.

  It would be possible to implement a system whereby PEGI rate but BBFC logos are used, thereby maintaining the benefits of a pan-European system but introducing consumer clarity on ratings.

May 2008

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Prepared 31 July 2008