Memorandum submitted by Dr Peter Cripps JP, Secretary, Glosfolk


I have been following the progress of the Select Committee into the Licensing Act with some interest, as Secretary of Glosfolk (umbrella organisation for folk music in Gloucestershire) a JP who was on Licensing, and a musician.


I realise that the date for making submissions has passed, but one area that has not been mentioned in the evidence so far is the potential criminalisation of village/church/community halls who put on events without a TEN. Before the new act, they only needed a licence (occasional permission) if they proposed to sell alcohol. Now they officially need a TEN for say a barn dance even if they do not intend to sell alcohol. Most are unaware of this. Luckily for them our local councils licensing officers, and the police, have their hands full and do not prosecute, but it could lead to difficulties in the future if music is not taken out of the scope of the Act.


December 2008