Select Committee on Regulatory Reform First Report


The draft Legislative Reform (Local Authority Consent Requirements) (England and Wales) Order 2007 was laid before the House by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) on 25 July 2007 and is the first draft Legislative Reform Order to come before us.

The purpose of this draft Order is remove four requirements on local authorities to obtain consent or approval from the Secretary of State or the Welsh Ministers, or in one case the Attorney General. Specifically, the draft Order would remove requirements for local authorities in England and Wales to obtain consent or approval before taking certain action under the following enactments: the Cancer Act 1939, s4; the Local Government Act 1972, Schedule 14, paragraph 25; the Local Government (Overseas Assistance) Act 1993, s1; and the Education Act 1996, Schedule 1.

The draft Order is subject to the super-affirmative procedure under s18 of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act (LRRA) 2006. We recommend that the draft Order should be proceeded with in the terms of the draft[1] under s18(3) of that Act.

1   The Department proposes to make some clarifying amendments to the footnotes and the Explanatory Note. In the Committee's view this does not amount to a material change to the provisions of the draft Order for the purposes of s18 of the LRRA 2006. Back

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Prepared 3 December 2007