Select Committee on Regulatory Reform Second Report

3  Conclusions

Resolution procedure

34. The DWP has recommended that the draft Order be proceeded with under the affirmative resolution procedure. The explanation for that choice of procedure is set out in paragraph 24 of the explanatory document. They are: lack of complexity, lack of controversy and lack of impact on the general public. The draft Order has just one significant aim—the merger of HSE and HSC; anything else is virtually consequential. The result is that there are no other policy issues likely to give rise to debate on whether material amendment on policy grounds would be desirable. In light of the above, we agree that the affirmative procedure is appropriate in this case.

Whether the draft Order should be proceeded with

35. We recommend that the draft Order be approved and proceeded with in accordance with section 17(2) of the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006.

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Prepared 10 March 2008