Select Committee on Defence Third Report

4  Conclusion

50. The US export control system, as currently administered, discourages collaboration between UK and US industry and inhibits the swift supply of urgently needed equipment to our Forces in theatres of operation. Given how closely UK and US Forces cooperate in theatre, this is clearly in the interests of neither the UK nor the US.

51. We, like many others, considered that an ITAR waiver might be a way of preserving the close relationship between the UK and the US. The Treaty offers an alternative route. We have scrutinised the Treaty and we conclude that the principles it sets out offer the opportunity for the UK and US to strengthen further and deepen their defence relationship and allow greater levels of cooperation and interoperability. Industry on both sides of the Atlantic firmly supports the Treaty and we believe the Treaty accords with the Government's Defence Industrial Strategy.

52. The extent and nature of the benefits to the Government and the defence industry in the UK will depend on the Implementing Arrangements. In the expectation that the UK and the US will agree satisfactory Implementing Arrangements, we support the UK's ratification of the UK/US Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty.

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Prepared 11 December 2007