Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence

Memorandum from Thales UK


  I am writing to you to make.a point about the implementation arrangements for this treaty, about which the House of Commons Defence Committee took evidence in their session on 21 November.

  It is not absolutely clear what role foreign ownership will play in defining which companies may be members of the "approved community". If a company meets the criteria for List X status in the UK, and is trusted by HMG to be a supplier of sensitive defence items, then foreign ownership should not be a bar. MoD officials have given verbal assurances on this point but it needs to be clarified.

  If companies which are an established part of the UK industrial base were to be excluded, this would not only be regrettable in its own right but would hinder cooperation with other companies, within the "approved community", whom they supply or with whom they cooperate.

  I am copying this to Michael O'Connor, Assistant Secretary of the Defence Industries Council

3 December 2007

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Prepared 11 December 2007