Select Committee on Defence Written Evidence

Memorandum from EADS UK

  We fully share the concerns raised by some of the members of your Committee during a recent evidence-taking session about the Treaty's effectiveness for key elements of the UK industrial defence base/companies with a significant presence in the UK but whose main shareholding is held elsewhere.

  EADS, with its substantial Airbus, Astrium and Newport businesses (together around 16,000 people) fits into this category. Given the importance of Airbus military products like the FSTA, or A400M, to strategic airborne capabilities of the future, we would be concerned if EADS, or indeed some of our frequent partner companies in the UK, whether American like GD, or French like Thales (mission training systems) were not included on the list of approved UK companies. We can only applaud the work of the Committee in highlighting these issues, and hopefully influencing those negotiating on behalf of the Government.

3 December 2007

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Prepared 11 December 2007