Select Committee on Defence First Report


The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2005-06
First ReportArmed Forces Bill
HC 747 (HC 1021)
Second ReportFuture Carrier and Joint Combat Aircraft Programmes
HC 554 (HC 926)
Third ReportDelivering Front Line Capability to the RAF
HC 557 (HC 1000)
Fourth ReportCosts of peace-keeping in Iraq and Afghanistan: Spring Supplementary Estimate 2005-06
HC 980 (HC 1136)
Fifth ReportThe UK deployment to Afghanistan
HC 558 (HC 1211)
Sixth ReportMinistry of Defence Annual Report and Accounts 2004-05
HC 822 (HC 1293)
Seventh ReportThe Defence Industrial Strategy
HC 824 (HC 1488)
Eighth ReportThe Future of the UK's Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: the Strategic Context
HC 986 (HC 1558)
Ninth ReportMinistry of Defence Main Estimates 2006-07
HC 1366 (HC 1601)
Tenth ReportThe work of the Met Office
HC 823 (HC 1602)
Eleventh ReportEducating Service Children
HC 1054 (HC 58)
Twelfth ReportStrategic Export Controls: Annual Report for 2004, Quarterly Reports for 2005, Licensing Policy and Parliamentary Scrutiny
HC 873 (Cm 6954)
Thirteenth ReportUK Operations in Iraq
HC 1241 (HC 1603)
Fourteenth ReportArmed Forces Bill: proposal for a Service Complaints Commissioner
HC 1711 (HC 180)
Session 2006-07
First ReportDefence Procurement 2006
HC 56 (HC 318)
Second ReportMinistry of Defence Annual Report and Accounts 2005-06
HC 57 (HC 376)
Third ReportCosts of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan: Winter Supplementary Estimate 2006-07
HC 129 (HC 317)
Fourth ReportThe Future of the UK's Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: the Manufacturing and Skills Base
HC 59 (HC 304)
Fifth ReportThe work of the Committee in 2005 and 2006
HC 233 (HC 344)
Sixth ReportThe Defence Industrial Strategy: update
HC 177 (HC 481)
Seventh ReportThe Army's requirement for armoured vehicles: the FRES programme
HC 159 (HC 511)
Eighth ReportThe work of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the funding of defence research
HC 84 (HC 512)
Ninth ReportThe Future of the UK's Strategic Nuclear Deterrent: the White Paper
HC 225-I and -II (HC 551)
Tenth ReportCost of military operations: Spring Supplementary Estimate 2006-07
HC 379 (HC 558)
Eleventh ReportStrategic Lift
HC 462 (HC1025)
Twelfth ReportMinistry of Defence Main Estimates 2007-08
HC 835 (HC 1026)
Thirteenth ReportUK operations in Afghanistan
HC 408 (HC 1024)
Fourteenth ReportStrategic Export Controls: 2007 Review
HC 117 (Cm 7260)
Fifteenth ReportThe work of Defence Estates
HC 535 (HC 109)

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Prepared 3 December 2007