Select Committee on Defence Seventh Report

Annex A: List of Abbreviations

AFF        Army Families Federation

AMSTC      Army Medical Service Training Centre

BFGHS      British Forces Germany Healthcare Services

BMA        British Medical Association

COB        Contingency Operating Base

DCMH      Department of Community Mental Health

DH        Department of Health

DMETA      Defence Medical Education and Training Agency

DMHT        Deployed Mental Health Team

DMS        Defence Medical Services

DMSD        Defence Medical Services Department

DMSTC      Defence Medical Services Training Centre

DMRC        Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre

DMWS      Defence Medical Welfare Service

DRT        Deployed Rehabilitation Team

GMC        General Medical Council

GP        General Practitioner

HIVE        Help Information Volunteer Exchange

IRT        Incident Response Team

IT        Information Technology

JCRRP        Joint Casualty Reporting and Reception Plan

MDHU      Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit

MMA        Midland Medical Accommodation

MMW        Military Managed Ward

MoD        Ministry of Defence

MRS        Medical Reception Station

NHS        National Health Service

PCRF        Primary Casualty Receiving Facility

PCT        Primary Care Trust

PFI        Private Finance Initiative

PJHQ        Permanent Joint Headquarters

PJOB        Permanent Joint Operating Base

PTSD        Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

RAF        Royal Air Force

RAFA        Royal Air Forces Association

RAMP        Reception Arrangements of Military Personnel

RBL        Royal British Legion

RCDM        Royal Centre for Defence Medicine

RFA        Royal Fleet Auxiliary

RRU        Regional Rehabilitation Unit

SSAFA        Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association

TA        Territorial Army

TPMH        The Princess Mary Hospital (RAF Akrotiri)

TRiM        Trauma Risk Management

UHBFT      University Hospital Birmingham Foundation Trust

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Prepared 18 February 2008