Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Question Numbers 120-122)


6 OCTOBER 2008

  Q120 Mr Boswell: Last question. Quality, how are you going to measure it? It is an objective alongside the numbers game.

  Mr Paphitis: There are a number of indicators, are there not? It is not just the achievement, it is jobs, it is progression.

  Q121  Mr Boswell: In a sense—I am thinking aloud—the other indicators which I listed for the record, as it were, are the sorts of metrics you use to measure the quality on and just remind me, what about inspection as well? How is that?

  Mr Way: Certainly Ofsted inspection plays very strongly.

  Q122  Mr Boswell: The NAS will work with Ofsted and take into account its findings?

  Mr Way: Yes. You slightly glossed over completions—I know it is one on the list—but I do think the improvement in completions from around 30% to over 60% is one of the success stories. We absolutely need to build on that and within that look at those sectors which have been stubbornly low because clearly the mechanisms we have used to change the rest of the sector are not working in sectors like hotelling and hospitality, so we need to look at more creative solutions in those too.

  Chairman: First of all, thank you very much indeed, David and Marinos. I am sorry that has been a very, very sharp canter, but we have only two sessions to be able to do this work on the draft Bill and we do, in fact, want to make a positive comment. Thank you both very much indeed and thank you to my colleagues.

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Prepared 5 December 2008