Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 60-62)


21 NOVEMBER 2007

  Q60  Chairman: There is a billion pounds attached to the TSB over the next three years, additional resources into the RDAs, are there any other costs for the implementation of this Review that you think should have been made or are there sufficient resources in the pot to be able to deliver?

  Lord Sainsbury of Turville: One always would like more money but if you look at it in terms of what we manage to get in terms of the Comprehensive Spending Review compared to a lot of others areas of government expense, I think this does show there is real support in government for this area. I do not know if there is any area where I think we are asking people to do impossible things with the amount of money they have got. On the contrary, I think there is huge scope by doing things better to get a better result with the small amount of extra money we have got.

  Q61  Chairman: An excellent report which is going to be fully implemented, there are no cost problems and, therefore, this should be a success.

  Lord Sainsbury of Turville: Yes.

  Q62  Chairman: On that positive note, thank you very much.

  Lord Sainsbury of Turville: I will miss, in my future life, coming before this Committee. I found we are on the same side and it was always a very enjoyable occasion.

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