Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Written Evidence


    Prof Roger Barlow—University of Manchester

    Prof Nick Brook—University of Bristol

    Prof. A.A. Carter—Queen Mary, University of London

    Prof. Janet Carter—Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

    Prof Christine Davies—University of Glasgow

    Prof Brian Foster—University of Oxford

    Prof Nigel Glover—Durham University

    Prof. Michael Green—Royal Holloway University of London

    Prof Philip Harris—University of Sussex

    Prof Paul Harrison—University of Warwick

    Dr. Mark Hindmarsh—University of Sussex

    Prof Peter R Hobson—Brunel University

    Prof Chris Hull—Imperial College

    Prof Roger Jones—Lancaster University

    Prof Richard Kenway—University of Edinburgh

    Dr Mark Lancaster—University college London

    Dr. Jolm V Morris—RAL

    Prof Franz Muheim—University of Edinburgh

    Prof Ken Peach—John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science

    Prof D H Saxon—University of Glasgow

    Prof Graham Shore—University of Swansea

    Prof. WJ Spence—Queen Mary University of London

    Prof. Neil Spooner—University of Sheffield

    Prof David L. Wark—Imperial College London

    Prof. Peter Watkins—University of Birmingham

    Prof Bryan Webber—University of Cambridge

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Prepared 30 April 2008