Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Sixth Report

List of written evidence

1  Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills  

2  Veterinary Laboratories Agency  

3  Dr George McIlroy, Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute for Northern Ireland  

4  Institute of Safety in Technology and Research  

5  Merial Animal Health  

6  Andrew Thompson, Oxford University  

7  Robert W Osborne  

8  Prospect  

9  Wellcome Trust  

10  Research Councils UK  

11  Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens  

12  Pfizer Ltd  

13  Biosciences Federation and the Institute of Biology  

14  Institute for Animal Health  

15  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council  

16  Universities UK  

17  Academy of Medical Sciences  

18  Health Protection Agency  

19  Astra Zeneca  

20  British Embassy, Warsaw, Poland  

21  British Embassy, Seoul, South Korea  

22  British Embassy, Berlin, Germany  

23  British Consulate, Italy  

24  British Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands  

25  British High Commission, Canada  

26  British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan  

27  British Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark  

28  British Embassy, Washington, United States of America  

29  British High Commission, Wellington, New Zealand  

30  British Embassy, Prague, Czech Republic  

31  British Embassy, Berne, Switzerland  

32  Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry  

33  British Embassy, Paris, France  

34  Society for General Microbiology  

35  British Embassy, Beijing, China  

36  Health and Safety Executive  

37  Professor George Griffin  

38  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

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Prepared 25 June 2008