Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Written Evidence

Memorandum 23

Submission from the British Consulate in Italy
A.  Containment measures B.  Level of Containment    
23 4
1.  Isolation of laboratory (environmental and functional isolation from general traffic) NorecommendedYes
2.  Inward airflow and outward airflow must be filtered through a HEPA filter or similar NoYes just on outward airflow Yes
3.  Access must be limited to authorised personnel recommendedYesYes, through a compensation chamber
4.  Room sealable for decontamination NorecommendedYes
5.  Specific disinfection procedures YesYesYes
6.  The working area must be kept under negative pressure NorecommendedYes
7.  Effective control of vectors, eg rodents and insects recommendedYesYes
8.  Water-repellent surfaces, easy to clean yes, for benchesyes, for benches and floor Yes for benches, furniture, walls floor and ceiling
9.  Surfaces resistant to acids, alkali, solvents, disinfectants recommendedYesYes
10.  Safe storage for biological agents YesYesYes, biological safety cabinets
11.  Personnel safety monitoring capability egwindow, CCTV recommendedrecommended Yes
12.  Laboratories need to contain all the necessary equipment NorecommendedYes
13.  Infected materials, including animals, need to be handled in safety booths, insulators or other appropriate containers Where appropriateYes, in case of airborne infections Yes
14.  Animal carcass incineratorrecommended Yes (available)Yes, on site
15.  Equipment and procedures for waste treatment YesYesYes, with sterilisation
16.  Effluent treatmentNo OptionalOptional
January 2008

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Prepared 25 June 2008