Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Written Evidence

Memorandum 42

Supplementary memorandum from the Health & Safety Executive



    —  This was instigated and led by the then Defra Chief Scientist.

    —  He wished to form a view on the need for an ACDP CL4 facility with the aim of feeding back to the Gov Chief Scientist.

    —  The workshop was attended by various parties and had a joint Defra/HSE secretariat.


    —  The workshop took place on 4 March 2005 at Warwick University.

    —  The minutes and action points are attached (these have been redacted to not name individuals).

    —  There were four main action points (2 joint HSE/Defra; 1 VLA and 1 defra only)

    —  The two action points on HSE were met by the paper on UK capability (attached) (not printed). The most recent draft of this paper was completed in October 2005.

    —  It is HSE understanding that this paper was sent to Defra CS: we do not know how this was taken forward re: Gov Chief Scientist or whether the final version was ever approved.

    —  The minutes also state that a second workshop would take place. It is HSE's understanding that this has yet to take place. Given that it was a Defra Chief Scientist lead it is HSE's view that the decision not to proceed with the second workshop lay with defra.

May 2008

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Prepared 25 June 2008