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Memorandum 45

Supplementary memorandum from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  I understand that you are seeking some further information about how the Defra CSA followed up meeting in March 2005 on ACDP4 large animal facility (see below).

  We have no record of the Defra CSA at the time, Professor Howard Dalton, being involved in a follow-up meeting to the joint Defra/HSA meeting on 4 March 2005. In July 2005, the HSE send the Defra CSA a draft copy of their "audit" of large animal facilities but I can't find a copy of the finalised report in our records. The HSE may be able to supply one—I can give you details of who from the HSE sent information to the Defra CSA at the time if this would be helpful.

  We have no record of a meeting between Defra CSA and the Government Chief scientist specifically to discuss the provision of an ACDP4 large animal facility.

June 2008


  We were in contact earlier this week about a workshop meeting that took place on 4 March 2005 at Warwick University. You referred us to HSE to obtain the minutes of the meeting, which we now have. It appears that the meeting had a joint HSE/Defra secretariat but was instigated and chaired by the then Defra Chief Scientist.

  There are some questions arising from the minutes we have received. The meeting had four action points, two of which gave HSE and Defra responsibility for producing a list of ACDP3/4 and SAPO3/4 laboratories able to work with large animals and outlining how upgrade of existing laboratories might occur to provide an ACDP4 large animal facility. HSE informed us that action points one and two were completed and a report (completed in October 2005) was sent to the Defra Chief Scientist for further action.

  Minutes of the meeting on 4 March 2005 state that a further meeting of the workshop would occur to consider the findings of the HSE/Defra in relation to the audit of facilities. The Defra Chief Scientist was also to make a report to the Government Chief Scientist about the meeting.

We would be grateful if you could provide further information on the following:

  1.   Was there a subsequent meeting of the workshop that convened on 4 March 2005 (or a similar group)?

  2.   Were the reports following up the action points discussed on 4 March 2005 considered at a subsequent meeting or by Defra's Chief Scientist?

  3.   What decisions were taken regarding the need for an ACDP4 large animal facility and the options for providing one in the UK in the light of the report on action points 1 and 2 of the meeting on 4 March 2005?

  4.   Did a meeting occur between the Defra Chief Scientist and the Government Chief Scientist to discuss the provision of an ACDP4 large animal facility in the UK?

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Prepared 25 June 2008