Select Committee on Environmental Audit Second Report


Tuesday 16 October 2007
Mr Gareth Stace, Head of Environmental Affairs, EEF, The Manufacturers Organisation, Mr Ian Rodgers, Director, UK Steel
Ev 7
Mr Nick Sturgeon, Head of Climate Change and Energy, Chemical Industries Association, Mr Steve Bryan, Energy Business Manager, SABIC Europe, Mr Richard Leese, Manager of the Legislative and Regulatory Programme, British Cement Association, Mr Ray Gluckman, Chairman of Working Group I and II, UK Emissions Trading Group, and Mr Matthew Croucher, Economist, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd
Ev 35
Tuesday 23 October 2007
Mr Andrew Warren, Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy
Ev 51
Mr Ravi Baga, Director, Environment and Market Regulation, EDF Energy plc and Mr Graham Meeks, Director, Combined Heat & Power Association
Ev 64
Mr Robert, Bell Managing Director and Mr John Huddleston, Principal Consultant, AEA Energy and Environment
Ev 70
Tuesday 30 October 2007
Professor Michael Grubb, Chief Economist, and Mr James Wilde, Director of Insights, The Carbon Trust
Ev 77
Dr Ian Bailey, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Plymouth
Ev 83
Professor Paul Ekins, Head of Environment Group, Policy Studies Institute
Ev 87

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Prepared 10 March 2008