Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Fourth Report


The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.

Session 2007-08
Third ReportThe Work of the Committee in 2007 HC 250
Second ReportClimate change: the "citizen's agenda": Government response to the Committee's Eighth Report, Session 2006-07 HC 189
First ReportThe UK Government's "Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy: Government response to the Committee's Fourth Report, Session 2006-07 HC 48
Session 2006-07
Eighth ReportClimate change: the "citizen's agenda" HC 88-I (HC 189 07-08)
Seventh ReportBritish Waterways HC 345-I (HC 1059)
Sixth ReportThe Implementation of the Environmental Liability Directive HC 694 (HC 1058)
Fifth ReportDraft Climate Change Bill HC 534-I (CM 7225)
Fourth ReportThe UK Government's "Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy" HC 546-I (HC 48 07-08)
Third ReportThe Rural Payments Agency and the implementation of the Single Payment Scheme HC 107-I (HC 956)
Second ReportDefra's Annual Report 2006 and Defra's budget HC 132 (HC 522)
First ReportThe work of the Committee in 2005-06 HC 213
Session 2005-06 
Eighth ReportClimate change: the role of bioenergy HC 965-I (HC 131 06-07)
Seventh ReportThe Environment Agency HC 780-I (HC 1519)
Sixth ReportBovine TB: badger culling HC 905-I
Fifth ReportRural Payments Agency: interim report HC 840
Fourth Report The Departmental Annual Report 2005 HC 693-I (HC 966)
Third Report The Animal Welfare Bill HC 683
Second ReportReform of the EU Sugar Regime HC 585-I (HC 927)
First ReportThe future for UK fishing: Government Response HC 532

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Prepared 27 February 2008