Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Written Evidence

2.  Letter dated 16 October 2007 from Former Veterinary Officers, State Veterinary Service


  Lord Rooker suggested we pass to you our correspondence with him on the above topic, as enclosed.[2]

  We are a group of former Veterinary Officers from State Veterinary Service with first hand experience of the investigation and control of TB in both badgers and cattle over many years and we are greatly troubled by some of the assertions made in the above report, on what from our experience is flawed basic data.

  We have very real concerns that the EFRA Committee has not had the opportunity to hear some of the basic facts of the nature of tuberculosis in both badgers and cattle which are highly germane to this problem and the development of policy. This is certainly the case from the notes of the proceedings we have seen.

  We would value the opportunity to discuss this with the Committee in person.

Dr J Gallagher, former Senior Veterinary Investigation Officer, Devon and Cornwall, former Independent Consultant to DEFRA TB Research Division.

R M Q Sainsbury, former Specialist TB Veterinary Officer, Truro.

A T Turnbull, former Head Notifiable Diseases Section, Tolworth, former Veterinary Advisor to Krebs TB Review Group.

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