Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Seventh Report


(Government Reponses to Committee Reports appear in brackets)


Session 2007-08
Sixth ReportVeterinary Surgeons Act 1966
HC 348
Fifth ReportFlooding
HC 49-I
Fourth ReportBadgers and cattle TB: the final report of the Independent Scientific on Cattle TB
HC 130-I
Third ReportThe work of the Committee in 2007
HC 250
Second ReportClimate change: the "citizen's agenda": Government response to the Committee's Eighth Report, Session 2006-07
HC 189
First ReportThe UK Government's "Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy: Government response to the Committee's Fourth Report, Session 2006-07
HC 48
Session 2006-07
Eighth ReportClimate change: the "citizen's agenda"
HC 88-I (HC 189 07-08)
Seventh ReportBritish Waterways
HC 345-I (HC 1059)
Sixth ReportThe Implementation of the Environmental Liability Directive
HC 694 (HC 1058)
Fifth ReportDraft Climate Change Bill
HC 534-I (CM 7225)
Fourth ReportThe UK Government's "Vision for the Common Agricultural Policy"
HC 546-I (HC 48 07-08)
Third ReportThe Rural Payments Agency and the implementation of the Single Payment Scheme
HC 107-I (HC 956)
Second ReportDefra's Annual Report 2006 and Defra's budget
HC 132 (HC 522)
First ReportThe work of the Committee in 2005-06
HC 213
Session 2005-06  
Eighth ReportClimate change: the role of bioenergy
HC 965-I (HC 131 06-07)
Seventh ReportThe Environment Agency
HC 780-I (HC 1519)
Sixth ReportBovine TB: badger culling
HC 905-I
Fifth ReportRural Payments Agency: interim report
HC 840
Fourth Report The Departmental Annual Report 2005
HC 693-I (HC 966)
Third Report The Animal Welfare Bill
HC 683
Second ReportReform of the EU Sugar Regime
HC 585-I (HC 927)
First ReportThe future for UK fishing: Government Response
HC 532

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Prepared 10 June 2008