Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company


  I write further to recent discussions with British Waterways and the Efra Select Committee decision to examine British Waterways' regeneration and restoration role on the back of British Waterways' decision to withdraw from the Cotswold Canal Partnership.

  Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company (URC) was set up in February 2005 with a remit to facilitate the delivery of a major £4 billion private sector investment programme, including The URC's Vision and Regeneration Framework sets out the regeneration vision for five transformational areas. One of these transformational areas is the Strategic Transport Programme, which includes the canal corridors within the URC area. The restoration and reopening of the Manchester Bury Bolton Canal forms an integral part of the URC's Strategic Transport Programme.

  The URC and British Waterways are working with a number of public and private sector partners to deliver the restoration of the Manchester Bury Bolton Canal. Delivery of Phase 1 of this project is already on site and is due for completion in April 2008. The Phase 1 of the project forms an important element of the English Cities Fund's Chapel Street Regeneration Initiative.

  The restoration and regeneration of Phase 2 of the Manchester Bury Bolton Canal underpins the Crescent masterplan that has being prepared by John McAslan's Architects at present and will form a strategic spine through the site and it is this waterside link that will underpin the comprehensive mixed-use redevelopment of the area. The redevelopment of the Crescent area has the potential deliver a major expansion of the University of Salford. The University site is presently being masterplanned by Urban Initiatives. British Waterways are one of a number of key stakeholders involved in this exercise and have to date brought considerable knowledge and experience to the both masterplanning exercises.

  In looking at how the public sector could deliver the Crescent masterplan, the URC and Salford City Council have had initial discussions the principles of a partnership with British Waterways, in the form of a public sector Joint Venture and working alongside a private sector development partner to deliver this comprehensive regeneration project which will contribute to the expansion of the Regional Centre, Manchester.

  In terms of the delivery of the URC's Vision and Regeneration and in particular the restoration of the Manchester Bury Bolton Canal, the URC see British Waterways as a key stakeholder and one that not only brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to the partnership but also has the potential to unlock funding to contribute to the deliver of this major project.

  The URC is happy to be working in partnership with British Waterways to deliver Phase 2 of the restoration of the Manchester Bury Bolton Canal.

Nik Puttnam

Senior Development Manager

Central Salford Urban Regeneration Company

March 2008

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Prepared 1 July 2008