Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by the Rt Hon John Redwood MP (FL MP 10)

  Thank you for the invitation I recently received from Michael Jack MP to help frame the terms of reference for the floods inquiry. I think the inquiry should include the following issues:

    1.  Why were so many of the flood defences, ditches, culverts and land drains in poor order, whether owned and maintained by the Environment Agency or by others under the supervision of the Agency?

    2.  What could be done to ensure all drains, ditches, culverts and flood defences are in future maintained to a higher standard?

    3.  Why did so many recently constructed properties flood? How can the planning process (including on appeal) be improved to take flood risk seriously, so that flood plain applications are either turned down or have conditions attached to improve drainage to prevent flooding?

    4.  Which new flood preventions projects should take priority from here to give more protection to families? In my area the Maidenhead project in place worked, but there has been no attempt to handle regular flooding from the River Loddon between the M4 and the Berkshire/Hampshire border.

Rt Hon John Redwood MP


August 2007

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Prepared 7 May 2008