Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence


The event and subsequent mobilisation
Recovery of Mythe WTW and service

20/7STW issues emergency weather warning to works managers, triggering the normal operational response.
21/7River levels rising. Flood emergency procedures implemented.
22/7Controlled shutdown commences (0145 hrs).
Mythe WTW flooded.
Site evacuated (0600 hrs).
Tankering operations commence.
Sourcing/deployment of bowsers commences.
Site flooded.
Preparations for return to site commence—contacting contractors, sourcing of required equipment (pumps, sandbags, spares) etc.
23/770,000 properties without water and a further 70,000 under threat.
250 bowsers deployed.
150,000 litres of bottled water being given out.
Site still flooded (18" of flood water on site).
Preparations for return to site continue.
24/7140,000 homes properties without water.
400 bowsers deployed.
3 million litres bottled water sourced per day.
Access to Mythe regained. Visual assessments made, pumping out of floodwater commenced and temporary flood defences erected.
25/7900 bowsers deployed.
4 million litres bottled water sourced per day.
Full access to Mythe regained.
Work commences on drying and replacing electrical equipment, replacing and checking control equipment, industrial cleaning and disinfecting all tanks/sumps on site.
26/7"Hub and spoke" approach to refilling bowsers implemented, improving the use of artic tankers and small rigid tankers.
Plan to refill bowsers at least 3 times per day introduced.
1,100 bowsers deployed.
Key equipment off site for repair.
Industrial cleaning and disinfection of tanks continuing.
Preparations commence to review start up procedure.
27/71,200 bowsers deployed, 200 damaged (net 1,000).
5 million litres of bottled water sourced per day (confirmed up to 1 August).
10,000 properties brought back into supply using water supplied via Strensham ("do not drink").
Testing of equipment commences.
Key motors returned to site following repair and installed.
Work on semi permanent flood defences commences.
28/71,500 bowsers deployed, 300 damaged (net 1,200).
Bowser fill rate of 3 times per day being achieved.
Bottled water stocks maintained to meet demand.
Plant checks and repairs complete.
Mythe starts pumping operations and commences refilling service reservoirs.
29/7Level of bowsers (net of damaged) maintained at approx 1,200, with a refill rate of 3 times per day being achieved.
Semi permanent flood defences primarily complete (minor additional bolstering work required).
30/7Level of bowsers (net of damaged bowsers) and refill rate of 3 times per day maintained.
Reconnection of properties resulting in a reduction of use of bowsers—25% of bowsers now full when visited.
Bottled water stocks maintained to meet demand.
Site resilience being built—testing of standby units.
65,000 properties reconnected ("do not drink").
31/770,000 properties reconnected by 0600 hrs ("do not drink").
1/867% of bowsers now full when visited.
137,000 properties reconnected by 0600 hrs ("do not drink").
2/8All properties reconnected by 0545 hrs ("do not drink").
3/8Customers given "boil water" notice.
Ozone and Granular Activated Carbon Unit brought back on line.
4/8Bowser retrieval process commences.
6/8Full automatic control of Mythe regained.
7/8Customers given "safe to drink" notice.

Severn Trent Water Limited

August 2007

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Prepared 7 May 2008