Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minutes of Evidence

Annex B


17-20 June

  Localised torrential downpours continued with many Flash Warnings issued.

Thu 21 June

  News Release issued to highlight unseasonable weather over the midsummer period.[12]

Fri 22 June

  Two potential disruptive heavy rainfall events identified for the weekend and early part of the following week: Scotland on Saturday/Sunday and a developing low later Sunday and into Monday. NSWWS Early Warning issued.

Sat 23 June

  Flash messages issued for downpours across E/NE England. Long period Flash message (>25 mm/24hr) for Scotland. Updated Early Warning for later on Sunday and during Monday with highest probabilities for disruption in southern and eastern areas of the UK, still some doubts about the exact track of the low.

Sun 24 June

  Early Warning updated with highest probabilities for disruption in an arc from Yorkshire and Humberside to the Welsh Borders, with rainfall totals of "up to 100 mm or so". Confidence in the track and depth of the low had increased, with model solutions converging and strong signals from high resolution models for 80-100mm. All EA flood forecasting duty officers contacted.

Mon 25 June

  Flash Warnings issued for heavy and persistent rain across the high risk areas during the day.

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