Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Eleventh Report


Wednesday 7 May 2008  page
PROFESSOR NEIL WARD, Centre for Rural Economy, Newcastle University Ev 7
DR STUART BURGESS, Chair and Rural Advocate, MR GRAHAM GARBUTT, Chief Executive and MR ROGER TURNER, Head of Rural Economies, Commission for Rural Communities Ev 34

Monday 12 May 2008
MS CHRISTINE REID, North Wiltshire District Council and Vice Chair of LGA's Rural Commission, MR IVAN ANNIBAL, Assistant Director of Economic Regeneration, Lincolnshire Councils and MR TIM ALLEN, Programme Director, Local Government Analysis and Research, Local Government Association Ev 49
MR DAVID MARLOW, Chief Executive and MS FIONA BRYANT, Head of Rural & Sustainable Development, East of England Development Agency Ev 66

Wednesday 2 July 2008
MR ROBBIE JONES, Agricultural Banking Manager, HSBC, MS RIMA BERRY, Chairman, The Business Association (Wensleydale) Ltd, MR PAUL BIRNIE, Finance Director, Wensleydale Creamery, MR ROBERT TUNSTALL, Accountant and Tax Adviser, CLLR JOHN BLACKIE, North Yorkshire County Council, MRS RUTH ANNISON and DR PETER ANNISON, W R Outhwaite & Son Ropemakers Ev 77

Wednesday 16 July 2008

JONATHAN SHAW MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Marine, Landscape and Rural Affairs), MR ROBIN MORTIMER, Director (Rural, Land Use and Adaptation) and MR RON SCRUTTON, Head (Rural Policy), Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Ev 108

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Prepared 29 October 2008