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  The BCS Information Privacy Expert Panel is responsible for establishing and maintaining the position of the BCS as an independent voice of authority within the field of information privacy.

  This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, issues arising from privacy, data protection, data sharing, identity, freedom of information and digital right management. It reports to the Security Forum Strategic Panel and has a particular responsibility for the identification and addressing of information privacy issues within the Society and the wider community.

  IPEP's members are selected to represent a broad spectrum of expertise across a range of industries, and include technologists, lawyers and privacy practitioners from academia, industry, service provision, healthcare and government sectors. The panel provides both formal input and informal advice to BCS policy, and contributes to policy of government and relevant non-government organizations.

  IPEP has previously contributed to debates on national identity cards and transformational government proposals, and is currently considering issues as diverse as privacy of healthcare records, IT project management processes and data sharing initiatives.

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