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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 17 October 2009.


Members present

Mr Kevin Barron, in the Chair

Charlotte AtkinsDr Howard Stoate
Jim DowdMr Robert Syms
Sandra GidleyDr Richard Taylor


Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, Chairman, and Mr Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, gave evidence.

Question Number

639 - 659

660 - 679

680 - 699

700 - 714

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo MP, Minister of State for Public Health, Dr Felicity Harvey, Head of Medicines, Pharmacy & Industry Group and Dr Sunjai Gupta OBE, Deputy Director, Public Health Strategy, Social Marketing and Sexual Health, Department of Health, gave evidence.

Question Number

715 - 719

720 - 739

740 - 759

760 - 773

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Prepared 28 October 2009