Select Committee on Health Written Evidence


  If GDS had continued with the old funding system, orthodontic payment in 2007-08 would probably be a fairer reflection of activity in the year 2006-07 than the 2006-07 payment itself. There has been an upward trend for annual expenditure on orthodontic treatment since 1992. In the year ending March 2004, the annual expenditure on orthodontic treatment under the GDS increased by 14.3% from £119.0 million the previous year to £136.0 million.

Graph based on Dental Practice Board statistics

  It is reasonable to assume that the general trend would have continued had the old GDS contract remained in place and by 2007-08; it is likely that a significant increase would have been seen on the 2004 figures, possibly in the region of 20%-30%.

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Prepared 4 February 2008